Nolan Nawrocki Strikes Again!!!!

Updated: April 5, 2013

By Gary Norris Gray

Fool me once it’s o.k. fool me twice its on me and this time we need to take Mr. Nolan Nawrocki to task for his careless, shameless, reporting and he should be called out.

I promised that I would keep an eye on this Yahoo Sports and Pro Football Weekly reporter. Mr. Nolan Nawrocki has terminal foot in mouth disease.

We (African American) have to defend our young talented men and women, if we don’t, writers like Mr. Nawrocki will tear them down and crush them just because they can do so.

Nolan is attacking the number one quarterback in the 2013 draft, starting quarterback Geno Smith from West Virginia. Read the references below as he cites Smith not performing these duties well. Interestingly only one of these issues are of football subjects just like three years ago when he slammed quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

Average field vision and coverage recognition.

Not a student of the game


No urgency

Not committed or focused

Marginal work ethic


Lacking the football savvy

Yet Nawrocki states Smith has a rocket arm and can run out of the pocket when needed just like the Cam Newton report years ago. You can’t have it both ways.

 Does this sound familiar? It should, because he wrote an article about Cam Newton three years ago. He stated that Cam had a fake smile, came late to team meetings, was not a team leader, yet Cam Newton led his team the Auburn Tigers to a NCAA Nation Championship and he was the National Football League’s Rookie of the Year.

 Let’s look at Geno Smith’s career record, the 6 foot 3 inch 220 pounder is an All American and has played in many post season games.

Smith did not have a losing record at West Virginia 35-17 with a 150 Q.B. rating and 67 percent completion record with 98 touchdowns and only 21 interceptions. Smith threw for eight touchdowns in one game.

This is so close to racial stereotypes it’s shameful. Nawrocki never questions a white quarterback skills or he conveniently deflects that quarterback deficiencies (Matt Barkley-USC) to the linemen, coaches, or wide receivers and their mistakes. If you don’t believe me just read his articles on and decide for yourself.

Geno Smith’s quarterback coach stated that he had never had a player on his team that worked that hard and studied every day. He was the first player at practice in the morning and the last player to leave the field at night.  The quarterback coach stated Smith could pick up changes quickly which contradicts Nawrocki’s scouting reports.

If he is not going to be fair and honest about the evaluation of a potential starting quarterback in the NFL he needs to retire. Football fans don’t care what color the quarterback is just as long as his/her team wins, Nawrocki does not understand that because he is too busy trying to undermine Black quarterbacks.

Nawrocki does not understand this (or maybe he does) and makes it a political and racial agenda propagated by the Mouse-ESPN.

Once again it is defamation of character? Lowering Smith’s draft rating. What about taking money out of this young man’s pockets due to a lower draft choice because of this bias and negative reporting by Nawrocki, who has never talked to Smith? If he drops to the 2nd round that means thousands of dollars loss and a trip to a team that might not use him correctly.

It is time for future college players to take legal action. It is time to challenge these internet newspaper writers. It is time to take a stand against yellow journalism. Then these ghost writers would stop hiding behind their keyboard and computer screens.

 Did I miss something? Because Mr. Nawrocki did not write an evaluation of Robert Griffin III, Last year’s number one Black quarterback in the 2012 draft. Maybe he could not find enough flaws to write a character assassination piece or maybe too many football fans were wise enough and knew about Mr. Griffin’s football skills and Nawrocki could not pull the wool over people eyes.

And like three years ago Cam Newton proved Mr. Nawrocki had flaws in his analysis just as he has flaws in Geno Smith’s report this year. Noland’s report has very little information about Smith’s football skills. If you don’t talk to or see the player in person how can you create a draft report? Naworki did neither in the Cam Newton or Geno Smith draft report.

Can’t wait to hear how he evaluates next year’s talented number one Black quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from The Louisville Cardinal Football Team.

Stay Tuned.

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