The NFL’s First Gay Player Had Better Be Black . . . .

Updated: April 24, 2013

The NFL’s First Gay Player Had Better Be Black . . . .

Let’s have a real discussion ladies n’ gentlemen, one minus our mothers and grandmothers, let’s speak frankly and candidly about Gay men exposing themselves in one of our culture’s most macho sideshows . . . the NFL.

It is our national pastime.

It’s our 20th century version of gladiators, and despite we’re now in the next century and boxing has taken a backseat to “ultimate fighting . . .”  we know the real barbarians remain football players. This is where machismo resides – on the gridiron. These are the supreme athletes of the world. For one of them to profess to being Gay, all I can say n’ hope is the cat looks like Detroit’  Ndamukong Suh, Cincy’s James Harrison or his exalted the recently retired. .Ray Ray.

See if Ray Lewis or Mike Tyson were Gay, it’d force you to redefine your definition of a gay man.

If its a kicker, which means he’s White, and somewhat “slight of stature. . .” believe me, in sports bars and barber shops across the land – the common folk are going to contend the guy is not even a football player . . . he’s a kicker, a refugee from the world of soccer, and he’s White.

A 61, 179 pound kicker does not embody or reflect the nitty or the grittiness of the pro gridiron

Alan Gendreau former kicker for Middle Tennessee State, the leading scorer in Sun Belt Conference history, a little-known 23-year-old who wants a shot at the N.F.L., and he’s Gay. if he makes it, it won’t have the same impact.

Trust me, it’s a lot easier for an somewhat homophobic American Society to put their arms around a White kicker and embrace him as a Gay football player than it would be to embrace a 273 pound Black man as the “face” a new 21st century homosexuality.

A Black brute would force our society to redefine exactly “who n’ what” is a gay man. We’d go beyond the stereotype.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t good sized gay Black men . . . look at Magic Johnson’s boy . . . but a extra large, rugged, hard-nosed football player is something different. Consider this, if Ronnie Lott or Jim Brown were Gay . . . that would throw a monkey-wrench in the neanderthal thinking of most people. It’s almost incomprehensible that such nubian spartans could be bustin’ slob with another man . . . .

But, I’d venture to say all across our country there are versions and facsimiles of both Lott and Brown, i.e., ultra masculine  dudes . . . who wake-up in the hair-covered arms of other brutish men.

Yes, I know, that visual of Deacon Jones taking a long hot shower with “Mean” Joe Green is mind blowin’ for millions of people but quite clearly those type of relationships have existed under the covers, in the closet for decades.

Here, permit me to be both sharp n’ blunt; Despite the lack of strong fathers in Black homes over the last half-century – the Ebony athlete is still the societal personification of “Rough n’ tough.” Now, if as a Black boy you had what is now tragically the luxury of having a strong alpha-male in the home – I believe that environment tends to produce well-rounded alpha-males. Men who’re like any other man, except more-so. A man’s man.

Titanium sharpens titanium. no?

Clay Matthews and JJ Watt are beast, nonetheless they are almost oddities – ferocious White defenders great Black running backs respect. C’mon man . .  . I say “bone-crushing NFL linebacker . . .” and I’m sorry, but a White guy is not who pops into most football fans heads. It’s a Black cat.

Granted I’m fully aware I’m indirectly promoting the stereotype Black players are animals, but that’s not my intention. My hope is there’s an acceptance that despite the efforts of White men to castrate and emasculate Black men, along with the strategic efforts to elevate virtually every White guy to the pinnacles of sports – our society see’s Black men as the personification of maleness.

Be it Buffalo Soldiers saving Teddy Roosevelt’s pampered ass at San Juan Hill, Tuskegee Airman riding shotgun with B-@( bombers over Germany or Joe Louis putting Nazi’s back in their place . . . Black men show-up.

Our forefathers built the cornerstones of this empire, and we’ve defended it from sea to shining sea, so I’ll be damned if I sit quietly by and endure the insidious innuendos which flow thru our society without a rebut . . . .

Therefore, for the “full-effect” of a NFL player being Gay – for shock purposes alone, for the ability to wake folks up and force them to reevaluate what a Gay man is . . .  let’s hope it’s a big Black dude, the bigger the better, and not a little White man, ala – Peter Pan who is the current poster boy for gay guys.

If our society is to ever accept and embrace homosexual men . . . we need a big, Black player to step forward and out.

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