Nets Open Barclay Playoff History with a Bang

Updated: April 24, 2013

Updated: April 21, 2013

Williams and Lopez dominate

BROOKLYN – People, pundits and critiques have all but written that the Chicago Bulls would most likely march on to play the Miami Heat in the second round. Not so fast there speedy. The Brooklyn Nets opened up their first ever NBA Playoff series in the Barclay Center with a loud bang. Some were wondering also if the crowd would be loud and boisterous. They were and some. It all started (before the game) when Nets reserve swingman, Jerry Stackhouse sang the National Anthem.

They smacked down the Bulls 106-89 and the score really wasn’t that close. Deron Williams and Brook Lopez did what they wanted to do in tandem ala, John Stockton and Karl Malone from back in the day. To the credit of Joakim Noah (the Bulls center and best defender) who’s dealing with plantar fasciitis in his right foot again, he played as admirably as he could. Noah is said to be planning to play in Game 2 despite the pain and discomfort which is affecting his mobility.

Kirk Hinrich, the Bulls starting point guard until Derrick Rose comes back (which will likely be next season) is another of the walking wounded. Hinrich suffered a bruise in his left thigh.

It’s only one game but the Nets have two areas that they can dominate or at the very least have an imprint on a game. Those areas are point guard and center. Both can put up 20 points easily. If Williams can also set up his teammates to where he could average at least 7 assists and Lopez boarded more than 5 rebounds, the Nets will be a tough out for anybody. Lopez has the best post game than any center that is in this year’s Playoffs. And that list includes Lakers center, Dwight Howard.

Memphis behemoth center Marc Gasol, yes Pau’s little brother; all 7-foot-1 and 265 pounds of him would have a lot to say down in the low-docks. Lopez, however, is a bit smoother and quicker with his post moves for scoring opportunities.

The Playoffs have officially started: Hello Brooklyn.

Jerald L. Hoover

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