‘Money’ Mayweather discusses Guerrero, Legacy

Updated: April 9, 2013

Undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather was present at this past weekend’s NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship in Atlanta. ‘Money’ Mayweather is a huge basketball and sports fanatic.

“I love basketball,” Mayweather said. “I honestly feel if you are not sweating and it is not blood, sweat and tears, it is not a sport.  No disrespect to anyone who’s involved and they think it is a sport, but to me it’s just an activity if you don’t have blood, sweat and tears, then I think it is just an activity.”

There will be no recreational fun and games come Saturday, May 4, at the MGM Grand In Las Vegas, when Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather (43-0, 126 KOs) takes on Robert Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KOs) in the first of six fights within 30 months in front of a worldwide SHOWTIME Pay-Per-View audience beginning at 9 PM/ET.

‘MAYDAY: Mayweather vs. Guerrero is scheduled for 12 rounds for the WBC welterweight championship.  

“I have been off for a year now, so I am looking forward to getting back in the ring,” Mayweather said. “Less than a month away, so I am excited. I am happy to be with SHOWTIME and CBS.  This is the beginning of our relationship and for the next 30 months I plan to give you action-packed fights.

The last time Mayweather fought was in May 2012. Mayweather, in arguably his toughest fight, defeated former three-division world champion, Miguel Cotto through 12 rounds. It was a challenging fight for both men, but it was a fight between two future Hall of Fame-caliber fighters.  Once again, Mayweather proved against Cotto that when the stakes are at its highest, ‘Money’ Mayweather continues to rise to the occasion.

Mayweather expects as tough a challenge from Guerrero, as was the case with Cotto.

“Robert Guerrero is a tough fighter, a solid, busy fighter,” Mayweather said. “He only has one loss, a champion in multiple weight classes.  Let’s see what he can do in there.  I am sure he is going to be able to make adjustments in that squared circle just like I can, so we will have to see what happens on May 4th.  We will have to see how the fight plays out.  I just want the fans to tune in.  It’s going to be an action-packed fight on May 4th.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the victory.  If I have to mix it up or box.  I am going to bring it.”

Mayweather added:  “[Guerrero] did something right to get here.  I am sure he is going to be on his ‘A’ game, but I am not really worried about what he can do.  He needs to worry about what I can do because I have already proven what I can do in the ring.  

Guerrero, a former champion at 126, 130 and 135 pounds, advanced two-weight divisions to earn a chance to fight Mayweather. Guerrero impressively whipped former welterweight champion Andre Berto and Selcuk Aydin through twelve rounds. Guerrero’s performances impressed his promoters at Golden Boy Promotions and caught Mayweather’s eye. 

Mayweather is training very, very hard and sees Guerrero and his southpaw style as a threat.

“I am going to dish it out against Robert Guerrero on this one,” Mayweather added. “I am going to be the Mayweather that is active.  I have young guys who are really pushing me in the gym for this fight.  Sure I have bad days in the gym, but I don’t have bad fight nights, bad paydays.”

Part of Mayweather’s regimen includes sparring seven-minute rounds with under a minute’s rest in between sessions. Sparring isn’t easy at all so for Mayweather to prepare for each fight sparring seven-minute rounds, bad days in the gym are expected. 

“I have been pushing myself in training camp,” Mayweather said. “I think my body is going to look tremendous for this fight.  I can’t say how my performance is going to be, but of course I am going to go out there and perform.  I always am at my best.”

Since Mayweather’s stunning fifth-round knockout of Arturo Gatti at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ in June 2005, as the headline attraction on Pay-Per-View, Mayweather’s growing legacy has proven to be stellar and spectacular.

Victories against Zab Judah (W 12), Carlos Baldomir (W 12), Oscar De La Hoya (W 12), Ricky Hatton (KO 10), Juan Manuel Marquez (W 12), Shane Mosley (W 12), Victor Ortiz (KO 4), and Cotto (W 12) were all aired on HBO Pay-Per-View. Guerrero will be Mayweather’s inaugural fight under SHOWTIME.

“I am very appreciative of what boxing has done for me and I am glad to have given back so much to the sport too,” Mayweather said. “I always wanted to be the best and I think I have proven that over the course of my career.”

Mayweather has given back to boxing. Mayweather has spoken open and critically about performance enhancing drugs in sports and that he will do his part to help clean-up boxing. Mayweather, prior to signing a contract for a fight, demands that his opponents legally agree to join him in participating in Olympic style random drug-testing.

The first fighter to agree to Mayweather’s demand to Olympic-style, randomized drug testing administered by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is Juan Manuel Marquez in September—. Since then, Mosley, Ortiz, and Cotto all agreed to be tested and proven clean to ensure fans that they are getting an honest performance.

In the months prior to his spectacular knockout win against Ortiz in September 2011, the USADA tested both fighters randomly and here are the results that were released based on ‘Athlete Sample Collection, Date, Type of Sample Determination:’

Floyd Mayweather July 22, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather July 28, 2011 Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather August 3, 2011 Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather August 10, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather August 15, 2011 Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather August 23, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather August 29, 2011 Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather September 8, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather September 15, 2011 Urine Negative

Floyd Mayweather Septembers 17, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz July 17, 2011 Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz July 27, 2011 Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz August 3, 2011 Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz August 9, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz August 17, 2011 Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz August 23, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz August 29, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz August 31, 2011 Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz September 7, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

Victor Ortiz September 17, 2011 Blood and Urine Negative

“Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion about me and my career,” Mayweather said. “I honestly don’t really care what you say.  I love my fans, but I don’t live for anybody except myself and my family.  I am comfortable with myself.  If people are out there saying ‘I don’t like Floyd Mayweather and he is only about the money,’ I am pretty sure I have some of their pay-per-view money too.”

Mayweather may appear to be this villain that everyone so desperately wants to see lose, but in reality he really isn’t. Mayweather, who represented the United States having won a bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, was a charismatic and dynamic youth with aspirations. Mayweather was always driven to be the very best because, his examples were ‘the best. 

“I looked up to a lot of people coming up,” Mayweather added. “I looked up to different people: my father, my uncle Roger, a lot of other fighters who have come before me too like Muhammad Ali and even Mike Tyson.  I looked up to a lot of people.  I always wanted to be the first to do something, so I was always listening and learning the best I could.”

Mayweather’s fight with Guerrero will mark the reunion of Floyd Mayweather, Sr. as Floyd Jr.s

“Everything is going in camp like it should go.  My Dad and me have an understanding that we all work as a team so that is going well because I need my whole team.  My uncle Roger is coming along as far as his health, but one thing is for sure, that is my family and I love them.  We can’t choose our family and as my mother said in the documentary [30 DAYS IN MAY], they gave me a hand and I am just playing the hand they gave me.”

Mayweather is on a mission to enjoy what’s left of his continuously growing legacy.  

“I really wouldn’t be here without my team.  My career is not just about the money like some people want to believe.  My career is about my legacy.  It’s also about living, loving and laughing and enjoying life. I go through ups and downs.  It’s a roller coaster ride.  I just keep on going and do the best I can, but I am strong and am going to continue to survive.  Continue to go strong not just for the sport of boxing, but to entertain the people too.”

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