Get That . . . Tiger!

Updated: April 15, 2013

Events at the Augusta Golf Classic prompted the golf purist to demand Tiger shoot himself in the head, DQ himself for a meaningless rule violation . . . Their request was asked as-to insure the integrity of a tournament held on what resembles a cotton plantation, where the White men running it,had to have a gun put to their heads to permit a Black man. while still in the 21st century these good ol boys don’t accept women as members.

If anyone should DQ themselves in this peculiar situation . . . .

Can you call a segment of half-mad White guys, consumed with jealousy, envy and contempt a lynch-mob – when they’re hunting down what is surely in-their-eyes not a man . . . but rather a Tiger?

Let’s not delude ourselves here American Sportsfans, there’s an element in the US sports world which despises Tiger Woods because of his golf greatness and his non-whiteness. Even if Tiger see’s himself as  . . . Black- whatever-in-the-world term he concocted for himself . . . however from the aristocratic country club elites he dominants, down to the rank n’ file Rednecks who bowl instead of golf . . . all they know is he isn’t White.”

And that tidbit matters most to them.

You bet they despise Tiger – based on his success and skin-tone, forget his personal soap-opera  which has played-out over the last couple years  . . . the entrenched good ol’ boy establishment fears and loathes him, and deeper yet – they hate “who and what” Tiger is symbolic-of.

A man-of-color, an American-Of-Color and most dramatically  “tomorrow” in America . . . i.e., The Birth Of A New Nation!

I’m sorry, but I’d  submit skin-color, language/culture/nationality played a “role” in young Mr. Guan Tianlang being backhanded by Sir/Lord  John Paramor for not playing fast enough. It’s reflective of the “hold the line” mindset,  a “man the walls” mentality . . . keeping the savages out of WASP/USA culture,.

Both incidents might be interpreted-to-be “wake-up calls.” Direct, yet indirect messages sent from a significant segment of society, one prevalent all-across White America, which is screaming about “how they want their country and their American culture back” and both these men stand in the way of that accomplishment.

Golf is yet-another cultural Battlefield for those of you sitting next to the Scarecrow, waiting on the great n’ powerful OZ . . .

Now you’d be more-than-a fool, you’d be a damn fool to not conclude Wood’s hasn’t, single-handedly, with the assistance of a strong Black father . . . forever transformed American culture. Tiger’s domination forced those good ol boys to remove those Black lawn-Jockeys they so favored.

Tiger’s six Wins at Augusta forced, if not demanded the end-of an unquestionable era of exclusion and discrimination in a sport which personifies White privilege. That’s why Woods draws the audience he only can the “little people” understand the real work he’s really doing.  Millions turn off- everything else, and turn-on  and tune into Tiger – because we understand this is the rich white man’s sport, and that’s who he’s kickin’ sand in the face of.

Adding affront n’ outrage to the damage  . . . he’s walkin’-off with Snow White on his permanently-tanned arm.

Woods personally, with his bare-hands,  removed the invisible 1990’s signs which said “No Blacks.” Of Course the 1963 “No Niggers” signs had been reluctantly taken-down decades earlier, but the invisible signs were still hanging; enforced via unspoken racism, glass ceilings, institutional/organizational and individual discrimination  which ensured  education and economic hardship for Blacks, Browns, Yellow and Red folks.

The obstacles to getting into and to-the-top of the pro golf world was, and remains  immense, and for Black kids, the path is a mine-field riddled obstacle course, strategically designed to turn-back Blacks. Because the last thing the world of golf wants is more Tiger Woods.

And of-course the “No Wenches nor Bitches” signs still hang over the front door at Augusta. . . .

So now that a man like Woods has emerged on the scene, and this time around with another Blue-eyed, blond-haired Viking Princess, this time a real snow bunny . . . following him around the links, cheering for her man during the day , , , and making love to him at night . . .  c’mon man, that visual, on-top-of and in-addition-to this cat marrying a swedish model, then bedding every White bimbo from Albuquerque to Turkey  . . . let’s agree , pour-all-that into the Voo-doo Chili  . . . it  doesn’t “endear-him” to “Real Americans” – the Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh n’  Rand Pauls of White America. Matter-of-factly Mr. wood’s is their nightmare. He’s kickin’ their asses in this aristocratic endeavor and then . . . struttin’ off with one of their well -bred daughters. takin’ much more than  names n’ numbers.

And it pissed-off Ms. Vonn’s ex . . . . so much so he had to get into the public fray, try to take a jab at Tiger.

Pollinating-around like a busy-ass black n’ yellow bumble bee with all these White tramps on-the-side . . . more-than solidified the hate, but hangin’ with the Black Lucifer himself – Obama, that sent some of these well-dressed rednecks off the Stone Mountain cliff.

What do you think it is? Perhaps 30 or 40 million White guys familiar with Woods, be they golfers or not, fans or not – and at the end of the course – they’re “rubbed-the-wrong-way” by Tiger and his terrific taste for the “White Girl.”

And Ms. Vonn is another one which was “as pure” as Salt Lake City snow, the apple of every red-blooded White guy’s eye . . . and now she’s went and wasted herself, ruined and contaminated her body. No real TEA Party Republican will touch her now.

I think for some they see it like King Kong with the White lady, Fay Wray,  akin-to how Vogue magazine had nieve and mildly-educated Lebron James pose with Gisele Caroline Bündchen in that noted great ape pose.

It as something Vogue’s “readership’ could, dig this . . . relate to.

Ain’t that a telling bitch?

Now she’s gone Black and will perhaps never go back.

Competition, on n’ off the field has been brutal for the “Great White Sportsman,” no?



What it all tells me, and millions of other Americans-of-Color . . . these White folks who hoped n’ wished Tiger self-destructed, killed himself,  never-to  dominate the links and rewrite the records of Great White hunters again . . . but that didn’t happen.

And least I mention, Tiger is, especially after golfing with President Obama . . . an Uppity Black man.

Damn, Damn, Damn . . . as I pen this, Sunday night . . . Wood’s has come-in 4th place in the 2013 Augusta National Classic, and he did it against all odds, even some “do-gooder” on a couch somewhere in the world . . . I like to think it was someone from Mississippi or Kentucky . .. .

So this year the Gods frowned on the Big cat, and he stumbled, failed to dot his “i’s” or cross his “t’s,”  but he fought gallantly and magnificently, against all odds, and was yet clearly in the hunt till the end.

Tiger Woods has returned.



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