Tiger Has Sports Writers Choking On Crow . . . .

Updated: March 26, 2013

Sports Writers of America, no, let me be precise here, “White” Sports Writers of America, permit me to ask this question of you; What does crow, actually striped tiger crow taste like?

I forgot what game it was where post-prison Mike Vick threw for almost 300 yards and ran for over 100 strategic back breaking yards, and I hammered-out a piece-of-my-mind,  asking the same question of the same White Wordsmiths – “what does crow taste like . . .”

Outside of the “die nigger . . .die  luv letters I received . . . it was so-quiet you could hear a rat piss on cotton. . .   Vick was like Clint Eastwood in “Hang ‘em high” he came back and got payback, revenge, screw redemption – he silenced his critics.

That’s what Tigers doing – “silencing his critics. . . “ by winning. After all –  winning takes care of everything.  Wining the  Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Fla.,  to regain the No. 1 ranking for the first time since Oct. 24, 2010.

The over-the-top ill-will we all heard and saw aimed at Woods, is of the same-vein we saw play-out in the Vick lynching; “do to Vick what he did to dogs . . . .”  As if both lives are equal.

Yet we know . . . in the eyes of millions of Whites  – a Black person’s life and that of Rin Tin Tin or Lassie are one-in-the-same. . . .

These attacks are derived from two things; the hate-filled “wishful thinking” a large segment of Whites have for Blacks – they were waiting and hoping for Tiger’s demise, merely based on his skin-color.

The “gutter-low” expectations are the ones  those same Whites historically and still today reserve for Blacks – we can’t fly airplanes, perform brain surgery, put-out a fire, quarterback a football team or be President of these no longer united states of America.

That “American Exceptionalism” mentality which translates into “White Supremacy.”

“Hate-filled wishful thinking” in-that after a half-century on this planet –  I agree with both the Black intelligentsia and the Black man on the corner – White folks think lowly of Black people, end-of-story.

And that blanket summation of WASP culture is illustrated via the enslavement and the following 4th class treatment Blacks have received. And there’s no questioning the civil rights gains of this nation were achieved with well-over half of White America “objecting,” and only going along in a “kickin’ n’ screamin’” manner.

Look at the Supreme Court . . . as we speak Judge Scalia and his house negro Clarence Thomas  are attempting to dismantle the work of MLK, JFK, LBJ, FDR and even ol Abe, reverse the society wide “progress” which created “uppity niggers” – like the one in the White House. This court is doing the work of the “White Establishment,” working to keep the barbarians at the gates, the Mexicans at the border and all of us on the urban reservations killing each other.

Gutter low expectations

Now wait, don’t turn-up your nose, roll your eyes and dismiss my notion as “Desi playing the race-card again . . . that’s all he does.“

Look, when I run-across one of those surveys/polls where Black children and Black senior citizens receive inferior medical treatment and service when compared n’ contrasted to White counterparts with the identical background . . .  White nurses and doctors don’t prescribe Black babies and grandmothers the same cures White folks receive . . .  and you can extend this disparity to banking, real estate, education . . . it merely solidifies my belief that not all, but say well-over half of most White people I encounter, at the end of the day . . . see me as inferior by my very nature . . . .

And he see’s the nation, the world, the people who inhabit it . . . differently than I do.

We’re all riff-raff, trash . . . the unwashed masses.

I want to join hands and sing “Kumbaya” and  “We Are The World” – most White folks, and specifically men – see it how history tells us they’ve always seen it . . . “the world is mine.”

From this mentality we get Euro-Colonialism/Manifest Destiny, i.e.,  the genocide of the North/South American Natives, the enslavement of Blacks, the killing-off of the Buffalo, the cutting-down of the giant Sequoia Trees, the killing-off of Whales . . a general disrespect of everything n’ everybody with personal-profit valued above all-else.

Throw-in greed, unbridled, unchecked reckless, careless laissez faire capitalism . . . and those are the elements which have shaped our nation/world.

Tighten your belts, I’m gonna swing-it-back-to-Tiger . . . He’s believed to be, by a significant percentage of Whites, “inferior,” somehow “lacking” in his genetic makeup.  His culture, his upbringing, the morals n’ values his parents passed down to him . . . all lacking.

Throw into-the-mix Tiger “betrayed” his marriage vows, on numerous occasions, with a multitude of bimbos. Which gave his critics the opportunity to point-out . . .  he was a Black man after all, like Bill Clinton . . . .

White men don’t cheat on their wives . . . they were raised right.

In the guesstimation of  the White court of public opinion – Tiger’s shortcomings and failures indicated he was clearly nothing more than another brainwashed millionaire nigger . . . strung-out on White tramps . . . and when it’s all said n’ done, the full-grown boy lacks the determination and heart to climb back-up on-top of the country club wimps and kick sand in their faces.

Gee, how wrong  they were.  I believe they underestimated the man.

In a nation where over 50% of all marriages are plagued by extramarital affairs and 75% of unions end in divorce . . . who are they to pile-on-top, and kick this cat when he was down, but we all read it and heard it. Tiger was a womanizer . . . and they’re may not be a Hobbit’s handful of pro-golfers and sports writers who haven’t committed some form of the same crimes against holy matrimony.

And Gee, how wrong were these experts of the game to predict his reign was over . . . .

His critics claimed he was emotionally/mentally scarred for life, unable to focus in the clutch, stay consistent. He was getting old. Too beat -up.

They had low-expectations of Tiger.

Now the only ones choking are the pundits and pontificators who had this man dismissed to the status of another broken, battered and  rejected OJ . . .  who too was punished for betraying his honorary White guy status society had rewarded him with.

White America tolerated  OJ bedding a beautiful Blond bombshell . . . they permitted him to golf at the county club in 1980. The same-powers-that-be turned a blind-eye to Tiger’s taking of the Nordic snow princess and they allowed him to pitch their products – everything n’ anything to the unwashed masses.

There are those who wanted to write Tiger off for betraying the trust they had in him that he was one of the “good-ones” they could count-on to not screw-up the money. That Tiger didn’t have the flaws most men have . . . that’s asking too much of any man.

Now they’re choking on crow.

Most men, and women are “collections-of-contradictions.”  We do “right’ and we do “wrong.”

At the end-of-the-day. most of us try to do much-more good than bad. A doctor saves a life in the AM and slaps his wife in the PM, same for a fireman or cop. I expect from humans mistakes and accidents, frailties, faults and flaws – none of us are perfect.


  1. David Branch

    March 27, 2013 at 8:09 am

    Good Morning Desi,White ex-plumber here. We exchanged emails a few years back. I said I liked your writing style but thought the grammar errors were your weak point as they pointed out to the white world that you were just an un-educated black man…you came off to us whites as exactly what you were writing against. I am here to tell you those days are gone. You are an excellent writer…you have arrived. Congratulations Desi, now white people can read you and hopefully absorb the context of what you are saying instead of fixating (like I did) over some minor puncuation and grammer errors. Well done Dezi, David Branch

  2. LaKeisha Jackson

    April 10, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    You can say what you will about Tiger…but when he’s getting himself a regular poke at that white girl cootchie, he’s hard to beat.

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