Taylor Smashes Cayo

Updated: March 9, 2013

Mangomed Abdusalamov had not yet lost a fight in his career and every one of his victory ended in a knockout.  His opponent, Victor Bisbal had lost only one fight in 22 fights with fifteen knockouts and this fight promised to be potential slug fest.  For the first three rounds, Bisbal movement gave Abdusalamov’s trouble but a solid left nearly twisted Bisbal head around at the end of the fourth round and he finished Bisbal off in the fifth round.  Abdusalamov now has seventeen victories and seventeen knockouts.

In the main event Victor Cayo brought his boxing style and veteran guile against Emmanuel Taylor and the guile showed up as Cayo managed to land swift combinations including quick shots to the body in the first three minutes.   Taylor kept the pressure on and ended the second round with a sweeping left hook.  He continued his pressure on Cayo as he managed to land some devastating left hooks and forced Cayo on the rope in the third round but in the fourth round, Cayo managed to counter more effectively and even switched to southpaw stance which confused Taylor.   Cayo southpaw stance allowed the veteran to score a right hand hook sent Tayor down for an eight count in the fifth round.

Taylor returned to his pressuring style in the sixth and seventh round and his left hook and right hand swelled Cayo left eye. The Taylor right hand sent Cayo’s down for an eight count in the eighth round and moments later, another Taylor nailed Cayo one more time.  Cayo reeled into the rope with hands down and before Taylor could finish Cayo off, the referee stopped the fight.

Braulio Santos faced Kevin Hoskins in a ShoBox bout between two young featherweight prospects wanting to test themselves.  Well the test was quick as Santos nailed Hoskins with a perfect combination including two left hooks that ended the night for Hoskins.   Santos took only fifty seven seconds to win his tenth straight.

The undefeated Hugo Centeno Jr. took on KeAndrae Leatherwood in a battle of junior Middleweights.  Centeno started the fight fast with effective jabs and kept his distance against the fast handed Leatherwood.  This continued as Centeno outworked his opponent with his jab and while Leatherwood occasionally landed a quick right; it was Centeno dictating the action.  Leatherwood did manage to land a sharp right hand that stunned Centeno.    As the fifth round ended, the fight settle in a pattern with Centeno fighting from a distance and Leatherwood seemed unwilling to take chances or pressure Centeno.

Centeno jabbing dominated the fight through the first seven rounds but on occasion, Centeno would pull back straight or keep his hand with his jab and this allowed Leaherwood to nail Centeno’ with his right hand but Leatherwood never seemed to get in rhythm  and threw one punch at a time.

With two rounds left, Centeno had most, if not all of the rounds in his favor.  His left jab simply flummoxed Leatherwood since he couldn’t seem to figure out how to get inside Centeno.    Throughout the final round, Centeno used his jab to set up his right hand as Leatherwood seemed more content to survive the round as fatigue hurt Leatherwood.

Leatherwood never used his strength or quick hands as he allowed Centeno to move around the ring with little trouble.   Centeno won but he hardly looked impressive.

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