The Spin Cycle vol.2

Updated: March 14, 2013

1. F**** Problems ASAP ROCKY/f Drake

Tiger Woods seems to have gotten his golf swing back. But can you imagine him playing this song before he mysteriously crashed his black Cadillac escalade.

2. Started from the Bottom DRAKE

After all the controversy surrounding Lebron James taking his talents to Miami, he has proven to his critics and haters that he is the best player in the league by winning his first NBA Title, the NBA MVP, and an Olympic gold medal last year. Plus, this year, he has led the HEAT on a 17 game winning streak.

3. Thrift Shop Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This song is perfect for former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman, who dresses like he left the Goodwill with three plastic bag of clothes, jewelry, coats, old make-up and of course, a couple of blonde wigs.

4. Suit and Tie Justin Timberlake f/ Jay-z

OKC Thunder’s PG Russell Westbrook should be blasting this song in his headphones as encouragement in order to propel himself as well as his team mates in their quest to win the NBA Championship, where he could have an opportunity to meet President Obama. Unfortunately, the NBA is afraid of what Westbrook might wear to the White House. As a result, they are hoping the Miami Heat repeat

5. Poetic Justice KENDRICK LAMAR F/Drake

If was truly poetic justice, to see the Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis win the Super Bowl after hearing him repeatingly reciting the scripture “NO WEAPON AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER.” Especially, after being accused of taking steroids and killing someone all before the Super Bowl.

6. Pour It up RIHANNA

This is perfect song for former NFL QB Vince Young, who reportedly borrowed $300,000 to throw himself a birthday party.

7. Love and War

This should be the theme song for ESPN’s First Take, especially after Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman dropped bombs on Skip Bayless. You gotta love it.

8. Fumble TREY SONGZ

This song should be sung by Jets QB Mark Sanchez after he ran into the ass of his offensive lineman, which he fumbled the football. Matter of fact, this one play summed up the Jets turbulent season.


With a chorus that says, “I don’t care about these haters, as long as these B****es love….I think this should be Tiger Woods theme song until he breaks Jack Nicklus’s 18 majors record

10. Bugatti ACE HOOD f/ FUTURE

After winning the Super Bowl, plus, signing a contract worth 120 million dollars, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco woke up with brand new BUGATTI!!!!

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