Too Much Smith/Melo For C’s As They Lose Big To Knicks (100- 85)

Updated: March 26, 2013

The Celtics came into this game against the Knicks on a 4 game losing skid which started against the Miami Heat. The Celtics were trying to battle all game but, Carmelo and J.R. Smith were too much to handle. The Knicks attacked and were able to get everything they wanted including the loose balls and fouls. Carmelo and Smith both combined for (61 ) and were able to will their Knicks to the win. The Celtics just didn’t get to the loose balls and didn’t earn the “Tommy Point” tonight and it could be because, they were without KG and Lee both out with ankle injuries. The Celtics were depending on Pierce and his 16 also the newly aquired Jamal Crawford who had (14 ) and also Jeff Green with his 19. The Knicks came into the Garden on a mission and are trying to prove that they belong on top of the Atlantic Division. The Celtics doing look like the team were used to seeing at home and for them to play this flat their is no excuses. The team was losing in all stages of the game tonight bench,fast break,rebounds you name it. The Celtics just couldn’t contain JR Smith and Carmelo as long as one of those players were on the court they were scoring at will. This was one of the first games in a while I can actually say that Bradley and Lee didn’t contain the player he was guarding. The Knicks were in every passing lane and you can tell that the Celtics lacked a true point guard tonight as the team seemed confused on the offensive end weren’t creating buckets when they needed them. The Celtics were getting beat from the get go and it was obvious that they missed the presence of KG and Lee because, with Lee you know he will lockdown and jump in passing lanes to create for himself and KG is the defensive anchor that holds the team together. The Celtics will need to get them both back ASAP to make things happen but, I believe Doc is going to take it easy and wait for the post season as of right now the Celtics are 7th seed in the East. The Celtics missed that big defensive presence as Carmelo and Smith made incredible shot after shot and they were not to be stopped tonight.


The Celtics will face the Cavaliers on Wednesday in Cleveland and will try their luck in ending this 5 game losing streak. The Celtics fans will look at this as an easy win but, as seen in the previous games against the Bobcats anything is possible in an NBA game. The Celtics will have to lock in and lock down and Pierce will need a big night from the field in order to push the Celtics to victory.


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