Who shot J.R.? I mean,what Shot did J.R. take?

Updated: March 7, 2013

He’s body has more tattoos than the subway in Harlem.

Plus, his complex combination of streetball savvy and long distance shooting leaves most Knick fans heartbroken at times and cheering in amazement at others.

Why? Because, there isn’t a shot he isn’t afraid to take.

He might launch a jumper from half-court, from deep behind the three-point line, along the baseline, underneath the goal, or even while tripled teamed.

Hell, even on a fast break, he might surprise you and do a reverse lay-up with the opposite hand on the wrong foot.

Therefore, in New York, instead of who shot J.R.?

It’s what shot did J.R. take?

Why? Because, after every shot he takes, it leaves Knick fans Happily Ever Madder, especially if he starts missing.

For this reason, he is extremely dangerous on all levels coming off the bench, because he has the incredible ability to shoot you in a game as well as shooting you out of a game at the same time.

But, despite all of his faults and the fog of gossip surrounding him, his high-flying acrobatics and cat-like quickness could be the missing link to the Knicks advancement in the NBA playoffs this season.

For instance, when teammate Tyson Chandler, was asked about Smith, he said, “that piece, that secret weapon, ultimately shapes wins and losses.”

Currently in the last ten games, the 27 year old baller from New Jersey, who avoided going to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in order to test his talents in the NBA,is averaging 16 points, five rebounds, and 2.8 assists a game.

But with him on the court, New Yorkers should prepare for more cliffhanging finishes and unforgettable game-changing jump shots and high-energy highlights from the tatted-baller.

Tonight, Smith and the (37-21) Knicks take on the (44-16) Thunder of Oklahoma City at Madison Square Garden.

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