“Running QB” Is “Code” Words For Black QB . . . .

Updated: March 10, 2013

Must we continue to speak in these Redneck “code-words?”

While roaming the World Wide Web I ran across yet another journalistic analyzation of how the “Running Quarterback” is but a “novelty.” Given time . . . the defensive gurus . . .  they’ll dissect and be able to better-defend against a Field General who is  both an aerial and ground threat.

This time it was New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin suggesting the secret potion is brewing, he’s got Perry fewell back in the kitchen looking like Uncle Ben attempting to find the magical elixir which will slow and derail the “running QB.”

It’s irrelevant and meaningless if defenses grow more familiar with defending a dual-threat Signal Caller. Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, RGIII and Russell Wilson represent a type of quarterback who’re “more than” merely a passing threat, but rather they present a passing threat. They can run also. And because they can do both,  they additionally create a third area to defend  . . . the entire field, i.e.,   the broken-play, which tends to break a defense’s back.

Peyton and Brady can’t do both. They can only beat you via the air.

A dual threat QB can break-down and destroy your defense in a multitude of ways, via the air is but one. Who ever figured-out Roger Staubach or Steve Young . . . ?

Nonetheless, let’s call a spade . . . a spade, and  redneck critique a ESPN article . . . .

It’s not the “Running-QB” who must be” figured-out” and stopped before they predominate n’ dominate the most prestigious position in American sports . . . no, its the “Black Quarterback” who must be kept out of the game, out of the spotlight. If not,  they drag the game down to the depths of the NBA . . . where White men can hardly compete and never dominate . . . so the masses, the rank n’ file Rednecks lose interest and move on to NASCAR or Extreme Four-Square, Extreme Marbles, Extreme Tetherball . . . ..

“Running QB” translates into “Black QB” and we all know the, might I say “resistance” both the league and the vastly White male fan-base has had over the years with accepting Black men are “mentally qualified” to play the “Signal Caller” position.

C’mon guys . . .  journalistic pieces from this perspective are merely “panic pieces” – White guy PR postings – because insecure White men see the end of the fake, artificial stranglehold they had on the “field general” slot is done, over – end-of-the  “Great White Hunter” fairytale.

Now look, this is where this argument becomes muddled; Is there any debate about this fact – there was a conscious, deliberate effort by White  coaches, fans, owners and journalist . . . i.e., White society –  to not permit Black men to play the “Golden Boy” position, and it was rationalized by the racist notion we were (and still are) far too-dumb to decipher defenses, comprehend and orchestrate complicated offensive schemes, lead men into battle and emotionally handle the spotlight pressure . . . only White men can.

Ain’t that a bitch?

And we can’t golf, play tennis, swim, ski, or be President of these no longer considered to be United States of America . . . . .

And if many a NFL owner, coach, player, fan and for that matter corporate sponsor had their way . . . Blacks would still be forbidden to play certain positions, and surely we couldn’t coach, stay at the Hilton, eat at the Cheesecake Factory . . . . if millions of TEA Party wet-dreams might be fulfilled.

Ain’t that a bitch . . .?

Now, with “forced” open-competition the NFL’s “Alpha-Male” position is about to go-the-way of the Cornerback/Running Back and Receiver positions, most defensive positions – to be redefined by Black players . . . to the point the vast-majority of White men can’t compete. That’s why we see this scramble for “Great n’ Powerful Nordic Vikings” like the Viking’s Blaine Gabbert and the no-name “saviors’  in Cleveland, Miami and across the league

Yet what continues to baffle me, Desi Cortez, but a Black man;  What “real man” stoops to cheating – by rigging the game, prohibiting his most formidable competition from competing against him?

Real men”  welcome, enjoy and embrace real competition . . . . No? Yes?

What type of man would do this . . .  and then, with the entire sports world knowing it – continue to, even in 2013,  try to “write the Black Quarterback out of the script? “ Which is what the so-called writers at Yahoo, SI, Bleacher Report, FOX  name the operation – they’re  attempting to do everyday.

We can only assume “winning matters most” within Euro-American culture, and it just does not matter the “means,” as in “how” you win, as long as, in the end a White guy is portrayed as the victor. Be that in matters of “war, business, politics, relationships . . . life in general.

The world was stolen by White men, call it Colonialism . . .  and to him, it doesn’t matter how he got on top, he’s just there, on top, and those beneath him . . . we’d all better “recognize.”

However . . .  it does matter to those of us he’s stepped-on, excluded, exploited ad pimped to get there.

See Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriot’s “Dynasty” – it matters little they cheated.

That mentality is obvious; just look at the propping-up of “Great White Hopes”  like Kevin Kolb,  Matt Schaub, Tim Tebow – the list is endless – White Field Generals given, rewarded, elevated, placed on some pigskin pedestal they can’t stay-atop without a bias gridiron establishment holding them up and trying to keep the door closed behind them.

What did the colorful Houston Oilers coach  Bum Phillips say . . . “Last year we knocked on the door. This year we beat on it. Next year we’re going to kick the son of a bitch in.”[
That’s what the Black Signal Caller will be doing over the next few years gentlemen, you’d better get use to it or go pick-up Extreme Kite Flying . . ., that;s a good one, did you dig that? “Extreme Kite Flying . . .”


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    March 12, 2013 at 4:33 am

    Well said!


    March 17, 2013 at 5:41 am


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