A Moment in Time pt.6

Updated: March 14, 2013

1. In the 1979 NCAA Title game, Michigan State’s Magic Johnson, who scored 24 points defeated Indiana State’s Larry Bird.

2. In 2010, led by QB Colin Kaepernick, the University of Nevada stuns the unbeaten Boise State Broncos 34-31.

3. In 1981, Joe Montana scrambled out of trouble and connected with a leaping Dwight Clark for a six-yard touchdown in the final minute of the 49ers’ 28-27 win over Dallas in the NFC championship game.

4. In 1989,  a hobbling Kirk Gibson blasted a pinch-hit homer to give the Dodgers a game 1 World Series win.

5. In the 1994 NCAA Championship, Corliss Williamson  put up 23 points to lead the Razorbacks over the Duke Blue Devils.

6. In the 2010 NCAA tournament, the No. 9 seed Northern Iowa knocked off No.1 seed Kansas.

7. In 1988, Danny Manning and the Miracles defeated the Oklahoma Sooners to win the NCAA Tournament.

8. In 1980, Herschel Walker led the Georgia Bulldogs past the Irish of Norte Dame in order to win the 1980 Sugar Bowl as well as the NCAA National Championship.

9. In 1976, Indiana beat Michigan in  the NCAA title game, which capped off their 32-0 season.

10. In 2008, Mario Chalmers drained a three-pointer in the closing seconds,which sparked an overtime rally against Memphis in the NCAA title game.

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