KRIP HOP NATION 2013: Mini-Concert Honoring Blind Joe Capers

Updated: March 15, 2013

Musicians and poets of color with disabilities came together as a
coalition named Krip-Hop Nation, for a Bay Area Mini-Concert and to
honor the late Blind Joe Capers. The concert featured a mixture of
music from Punk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Spoken Word to Rock.
A panel of speakers explained Krip-Hop and talked about why Krip-Hop
Nation is important.

Says Leroy Moore, founder of Krip Hop Nation: “There are many Black
disabled artists/activists putting on events and helping to diverse
the month of February in the US.  Yes, Black History is every month however if this country wants
to put a frame around our history then I want my history as a Black
disabled man in that frame.

Growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s I had people with Ph.Ds. telling
me that there was no history of Black disabled people.  Because of the
recent era, hard work of other Black disabled activists, community
journalists, scholars, and artists etc. this belief no longer holds
any weight.

Today  we, as Black disabled individuals, are playing, working,
writing, singing in and out of this popular frame we call Black
History Month.  So yes I will pick my times when I want to be in this
popular frame in certain months as I and others continue to do our
work, writings, music and art before, during, and after February (or
other months) that we celebrate our identity.”

Musicians and poets told their amazing stories about the strength and
creativity we must employ on a daily basis in dealing with the
entertainment industry underground and living in the community as an
artist. Insightful, raw, and real is what describes the collected
works of Joy Sledge (aka Joy Elan,) Lateef McLeod, Leroy Moore, Fezo
Madone (aka Keith Jones,) Enajite Loicy Pela, and Naru Kwina  (Click
on the link to see individual bios)

There was also a sneak preview of an upcoming documentary about the
late Joe Capers aka Blind Joe who worked with such Oakland CA Hip-Hop
artists as MC Hammer, Tony Tone Toni. Rounding out the program, was a
multi-media presentation with audio interviews and a slide show of
over 100 photographs of Krip Hop artists from around the

Concerning the upcoming documentary, Oakland artist/educator/filmmaker
Naru Kwina talked about honoring the life and legacy of Blind Joe
Capers. Says Kwina, “Joe is an individual who deserves to be
recognized and remembered in Oakland, and elsewhere people will
benefit from a true American inspirational story.” The documentary is
due to hit the Oakland – SF Bay Area within the next year or two. For
more information see the Work in Progress Video: Blind Joe – The Joe
Capers Legacy  and/or The Joe Capers Legacy…Bringing Artistic
Innovation to Education    Also there is a Face Book page: Memorial to
Life Work of Joe Capers: Disabled Producer of the Stars

This mini-concert – and Krip Hop Nation – is about more than just the music.

A lot of work is continually being done to build this annual Krip Hop
Nation event as an arena for advocacy, education, building cultural
activism through artistic expression and coming together.

Disabled people (particularly disabled people of color) are not
invisible and our voices must continue to be seen, felt, and heard.


KRIP HOP NATION 2012 presents: Broken Bodies-CD release party and
panel On Sunday, February 19, 2012, KRIP HOP NATION presented the
Broken Bodies – CD release party and panel in the San Francisco Public
Library’s Koret Auditorium @ 100 Larkin Street, in SF.

KRIP HOP NATION, a powerful group of international Hip Hop artists w/
disabilities, 5th Battalion Entertainment of LA led by DJ Quad; Emmitt
Thrower, a retired NYPD officer turned media, film maker, playwright,
himself disabled; collaborated to put out the mix tape Hip-Hop CD:
‘Broken Bodies, PBP-Police Brutality Profiling Mix Tape, and the
documentary ‘Where Is Hope?’ The film explores the roots of the often
disturbing acts of police brutality against citizens with disabilities
that are shocking for those who are not used to living under the
threat of police violence on a daily basis.

Featured @ the event were performances from artists who contributed to
the mix tape; a panel discussion with local advocates on issues of
police brutality and the disabled; a sneak preview of the upcoming
documentary, Where is Hope? and a Skype update by Lisa Guthrie
Alexander on the case of her son Reginald “Neli” Latson. Neli Latson,
a young AFRIKAN Man who is autistic, was racially profiled, abused,
and imprisoned by the state of Virginia.

For more information about his case go to the A VOICE for NELI web
site and read the SF BAYVIEW newspaper
articles: Pardon wrongfully convicted autistic youth Neli Latson
and Update on Neli Latson and his mom: I’m home and soon my son will
be free!

A PNN-TV event video can be found @ Individual still photos are
available via KRIP HOP NATION and can be viewed and purchased at the

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