Celtics Get Payback On The Bobcats After Tuesday (105-88)

Updated: March 17, 2013

The Celtics have lost to the Bobcats 2 times and it just so happens that the Bobcats are (14-51) and they didn’t want to go down that road again that they went down on Tuesday. The Celtics came into the game acknowledging that Kevin Garnett was out with a Lower Adductor Strain and will be out tonight and could miss monday’s big showdown with the Heat. The Celtics still have Paul Pierce and a great bench and they had used that to will themselves past the Bobcats tonight. The Celtics came out on Saturday with revenge on their minds as everyone that was active on the roster tonight had scored. The Celtics had come out on the defensive end and made it 10x harder for the Bobcats to score. The Celtics had the game won since the second half and you could tell the chemistry has gotten better as the players have gelled together. The Celtics bench had stepped up for (46) points led by Jason Terry’s 16 and the starters had (59) led by Pierce’s 14 . They made sure that they put the defense on Henderson so he didn’t go off like he did on tuesday with his 35 point outburst.

The Celtics played with heart especially without KG in the lineup and it looks like everyone has come into their own skin and they all know their role. Pierce has been the backbone to this team and has been willing them to wins and is rubbing off on Jeff Green. Green is turning into that player that the Celtics needed when they got him in the trade for Perkins as he has rebounded,scored and done the little things that Doc has asked for. With Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley’s defense in the back court it has guided the Celtics and they have brought out the best in the overall team defense. The Celtics held the Bobcats to (88) points  and played with the Celtics pride that we have all been waiting for.

The Celtics face the red hot Miami Heat and put their streak up against their streak….. The Celtics 11 straight home game wins and the Miami Heat 22 game win streak if they can defeat the Toronto Raptors on tomorrow. The Celtics and Heat last played the day the Celtics developed Rondo tore his ACL and it should be a great one on Monday. The Heat are beating teams with ease and have the record of  (50-14) right now and I believe if the Celtics play with that pride they may be able to squeeze out a win but they would have to play a perfect game.

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