The Superman of shenanigans

Updated: February 21, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-With the pressure on, and the Lakers posting a 25-29 record at the All-Star break, can Dwight Howard be serious enough  for the next 28 games in order to secure a playoff berth in the wild, wild West along side Kobe Bryant?

Why? Because, there is a level of immaturity that surrounds Dwight Howard.

Kobe Bryant has been trying to deal with it since he joined the Lakers.

And according to ESPN’s Stephen A.Smith, on Mike and Mike in the Morning, San Antonio’s head coach Greg Popovich also had a problem dealing with Dwight’s shenanigans during last weekends All-Star Game in Houston.

Seriously, Howard has the talent, height and the ability to be a dominant force in the NBA.

But if he isn’t careful, he may end his career ring-less, which would be very disappointing, especially in a league lacking a “true”  big-man  down low to stop him.

Honestly, Howard’s clownish cockiness and overconfidence is annoying.

And his silly Superman circus act is starting to look like a bad Hollywood B-movie, with poor acting and bad free throw shooting, especially in the first half of the season, which he was only able to muster up 16.3 points, 11.8 rebounds and 2.3 blocks over 48 games, in  Mike D’Antoni’s system.

With such low numbers, one must ask whether it’s Howard’s fault, or D’Antoni’s system?

Regardless of the matter, fans are still wondering whether Howard’s Hollywood ambitions can lead the Lakers, who have already won 16 championships back to NBA Finals, especially with his bad back.

Yes, that’s really the biggest question surrounding the gentle giant, who walks in the footsteps of Shaquielle O’Neal, who also left Orlando in order to join the  Lakers.

But with all the Hollywood stars pondering  basketball at the Staples Center without Kobe, especially with rumors of the “Black mamba” slithering away into the LA sunset next season, many still wonder whether a “Kobe-less” Laker team could win with Howard as the “center of attraction.”

This sense of panic, however, has increased, especially with the rise of the Los Angeles Clippers, who are excelling under the leadership of  point guard Chris Paul, who could have been a Laker if commissioner David Stern didn’t kill the trade which would had him wearing purple and gold last season during the NBA lockout.

Whether Howard, who is an unrestricted free agent, will be the future face of the franchise also intensified after the recent death of owner Jerry Buss on Monday, which sprung rumors of him leaving LA for Brooklyn.

This speculation, however, seemingly was smashed by GM Mitch Kupchank, who confidently said the 27-year old center will be with the organization for years to come.

“It’s hard to get talent in this league and to have a talent like Dwight Howard, we have no intention of trading Dwight Howard.” Kupchank  confirmed on ESPN Radio’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd . “He belongs to have his name on the wall (as a retired uniform) and a statue in front of Staples (Center) at some point and time.”

Note:LA Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics  113-99, which was the team’s first victory since owner Jerry Buss passed away on Monday. Dwight Howard had 24 points and 12 rebounds in the game.

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