Rondoless Celtics On 7 Game Winning Streak

Updated: February 11, 2013

Photo Credit: Danny Baxter


The Boston Celtics come into their meeting against the Nuggets knocking off both the Clippers and Lakers of LA. The Celtics have looked like a brand new team while they have been on this winning streak and the crazy part is their doing this without their All Star point guard Rajon Rondo. The Celtics have Pierce,Lee, and Terry mainly running the offense and it is working because, everyone is getting touches especially the bench. The bench has stepped up their game at the right time of the season and have the Celtics in a great position. This is the bench that the Celtics had imagined having but with Sullinger and Rondo out a lot of people counted us out including some Celtics faithful. People said Pierce was too old and couldn’t hang with the young talent but he has been playing like vintage Pierce aka “The Truth”. Pierce and KG have put the Celtics on their back and have lead by example.


Pierce went off on the Nuggets beating them passing,scoring and rebounding they had no answer for him anything he wanted he took and made something out of nothing. The Celtics beat the Nuggets (118-114) but, you have to think about it Lee and Bradley in the backcourt is a great defensive backcourt as in when they had Rondo who would gamble for steals so Doc Rivers is looking like the genius that everyone knew he was. The fans were getting restless and with the way the Celtics played against the Nuggets it just showed how much the chemistry has really improved in the locker and it has turned into the brotherhood that we saw in 2007. Jason Terry is coming around now on this winning streak and the Jet was flying all over the Nuggets tonight for (26) and KG was demanding the paint like the Celtics needed him too with (20 and 18) . The Celtics have the Chicago Bulls coming in on wednesday and look to make it an 9 game winning streak and they can as long as everyone gets touches it seems like every night someone off the bench steps up and I know Doc is happy about that.


Jason Terry and Paul Pierce were clutch in the triple overtime win against the Nuggets hitting big shot after big shot. I talked to Jason Terry about his confidence and why he is so clutch check it out below…..

JET Clutch


Right now the Celtics are in the 7th seed and are 1 game behind the Hawks for 6th if they can keep this momentum up and playing with pride and heart they can creep up to the top 4 seed they just need to continue to play team basketball.




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