Rodriguez Wins!

Updated: February 17, 2013

Delvin Rodriguez made his 15th appearance on ESPN after losing to Austin Trout for Trout’s title as he attempted to jumpstart his career. His opponent was the undefeated George  Tahdooahnippah, who was moving up in competition.

Before the main event, Bayan Jargal faced Chris Howard in one of those crossroads fight for both fighters. Jargal fought at bigger weight and viewed himself as the bigger man as he walked Howard down over the first six minutes. Jargal jabbed his way in before occasionally connecting with combinations.

For the first two minutes of the third round, Jargal put together a series of combinations as he forced Howard to the rope.   Jargal decided it was time to dominate and impose his will as he simply increased his punching output. With a minute left, Howard put out two jabs as range finder before quickly nailing Jargal with the perfect right hand and just like that, Jargal went down!

In the main event, Rodriguez looked the calmer of the two fighters in the first round as Tahoddahnippah looked anxious but neither fighter did much damage. In the second round, Rodriguez upped the pressure as he landed one right hand after another.  Tahoddahnippah became a punching bag over the last minute as he nearly went on his feet.

Starting the third round, Tahoddanippah started out jabbing  but after thirty seconds, Rodriguez nailed Tahoddanippah with a right hand and from there, he landed five big right hands, but Rodriguez allowed Tahoddanippah  to survive the third round as he failed to put out effort to end the fight.

As the fourth round began, blood streamed down Tahoddanippah’s face as he had taken a beating over the previous six minutes.  Tahoddanippah found himself trapped on the rope as Rodriguez nailed him with those clubbing rights and left hooks to the body. Tahoddanippah showed that he had a chin since Rodriguez rarely missed with his right.

The first five rounds were easy to score as Rodriguez dominated the first half of the fight and Rodriguez commanded the six round as he did the previous five rounds.    Left jabs followed by right hands and left hooks as Tahoddanippah managed to survive.  Over the final minute, a Rodriguez right sent Tahoddanippah reeling back. From there, Rodriguez landed five shots and Tahoddanippah head turned around 180 degrees.  The referee stopped the fight as the last right hand delivered by Rodriguez  convinced the referee that Tahoddinippah had no answers for Rodriguez.

Tahoddanippah had heart and the will to survive but Rodriguez has fought for two world titles and his experience was simply too much for the formerly undefeated Tahoddanippah.   As for Rodriguez, he showed that he is good fighter but what he hasn’t shown is that he is an elite fighter.

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