Peterson Pounds Holt

Updated: February 23, 2013

Kendall Holt had won only three of his six fights but his opportunity for Lamont Peterson’s title became a reality when Zab Judah decided to fight for Danny Garcia’s title.  For Judah, he wanted the recognized junior welterweight champion, Danny Garcia and this opened up a place for Holt to be part of the championship banquet.

In the opening bout before the main event saw two undefeated fighters, Jesus Hernandez and Roman Morales facing each other.  Morales looked sharper over the first four rounds including knocking Hernandez down in the fourth round.  If the first round showed Morales the better fighter, the fifth round clinched it as he knocked Hernandez with a straight left that connected before a right hook to the body sent Hernandez to the canvas and out.

Peterson began jabbing over the first minute of the fight as he attempted to get inside and break Holt down. Holt played a patient game as he wanted to throw his devastating right hand to change the fight around and neither fighter did very limit damage to each other over the first three minutes.

In the second round, Holt used his jab more effectively than Peterson, who did very little when he did get inside.  Holt became the aggressor in the third round and in the first half of the round; he nailed Peterson with a combination that included two left hooks to Peterson body. Over the second half of the fourth round, Peterson changed the momentum as he used his left hook to set up his right hand. One of those right hand sent Holt down and while he got up, he nearly got knocked out as Peterson nailed Holt with another right as the bell rang.

Peterson continued his assault as he pounded Holt with body shots before landing sharp rights that stunned Holt.  He concluded the fifth round with another solid right as he look in control of the fight.  Peterson battered Holt with body shots and Holt continued to retreat the entire round.  Peterson with a minute left in the round trapped Holt on the rope and unloaded several punches that included not just left hooks to the body but right hands before three left hooks to the head. The last left hook sent Holt down for Peterson’s knocked down of Holt. Holt got up and he put his hand up as he attempted to escape the pressuring Peterson.

Holt continued his survival mode in the seventh round as Peterson simply continued to pound his opponent with one body shots followed by another.  Holt had no answers for the onslaught and in the eighth round, time ran out for Holt.  Peterson continued to assail his opponent and Holt was looking for a place to hide but in the square ring, there are no places to hide.  With the round half over, Peterson trapped Holt on the rope again and unleashed a series of punches that nailed Holt’s head without Holt answering.  The referee stopped the fight and Peterson retained his version of the junior Welterweight.

For the first three and half rounds, Peterson looked like a fighter who spent the last fourteen months outside of the ring but after he landed a looping right hand that sent Holt down, the fight changed. Peterson looked impressive and he is now ready for a bigger money fight.

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