Perez Scores Upset On ShoBox

Updated: February 23, 2013

Tureano Johnson faced Willie Fortune in a battle of undefeated Middleweight prospects and in the main event; Art Hovhannisyan faced Alejandro Perez in a battle of Super featherweights.  Johnson and Fortune started the fight by going after each other as they started to wing punches after punches.  Johnson survived the initial Fortune onslaught and nailed Fortune with three right hands over the last minute.

In the second round, Johnson landed some solid right hands as he forced Fortune to retreat repeatedly as Johnson found a home for his right hand.  Fortune proved to be a tough fighter as he took everything Johnson and over the first nine minutes, Johnson connected on 60% of his punches.  Fortune looked more like a punching bag as he simply didn’t bother to get out of the way of Johnson’s punches.

In the fourth round, Johnson aimed his punches to Fortune’s body in an effort to weaken Fortune further.  One example of Fortune’s toughness was with thirty seconds left in the fourth round when Johnson nailed Fortune’s with two big rights that did little to force Fortune to retreat.

Fortune managed to land a few shots against Johnson in the fifth round but Johnson got the better of exchanges against Fortune.  Johnson never seemed to put Fortune down or have him in trouble over the first eighteen minutes of the fight.

The seventh round continued as the first six rounds with Johnson doing most of the punching and Fortune most of the catching.   The question that was left, could Johnson knock out Fortune?   With a minute left, Johnson landed a right hand that forced Fortune but Fortune not only took the shot but he moved off the rope.  Johnson connected on 60% of his punches and he dominated the action from the opening round to the very end.  As ShoBox Steve Farhood noted, jabs were rumors as almost every punch was a power punch and Johnson won an easily decision.

Hovhannisyan and Perez spar some 80 rounds against each other in the gym over the years and first round saw both fighters not taking chances even though Hovhannisyan threw the harder punches.  Perez picked up the pace over the second half of the second round as he nailed Hovhannisyan with three big right hand shots to the body and even managed to add a right hand that landed to Hovhannisyan’s face.

Perez continued to hit the body in the third round but Hovhannisyan did manage to land a couple of right hands but he rarely connected in combinations.    Over the fourth round, Hovhannisyan managed to land stronger punches with a series of punches; taking advantage of Perez wider punches but Perez landed solid body shots but one of those shots went south of the border.  Perez lost a point in the fifth round for landing his second low blow of the night but after the point deduction, Perez and Hovhannisyan went toe to toe.  Perez landed the more effective punches over the last minute of the round and may have salvaged a 9-9 round after losing a point.  At the halfway point of the fight, Perez landed more punches.

Hovhannisyan found himself in the seventh round, knowing that his status as an up and coming prospect at stake but throughout the round, Perez boxed more effectively and landed some solid shots while Hovhannisyan retreated throughout the round.

In the eighth round, Hovhannisyan used his foot movement to maneuver himself in position to land some big shots.  Hovhannisyan repeated this strategy in the ninth round but it was a close round as both fighters connected on solid shots..

In the final round, both fighters fought as if the winner needed the round to win and in a close round, the question did Perez four punch combination in the final thirty seconds enough to win the round and fight?   The fight was close and no one could guess on how the judges would vote.  Statistically speaking, Perez threw more punches and landed more punches but boxing is voted, round by round so this explained why the Showtime announcers viewed this as a tossup.

Perez won the decision 96-93, 96-94 and 95-94 and the judges gave Perez the victory because of his aggressiveness and more activity.  Both fighters made adjustments throughout the bout but Perez was slightly better throughout the fight in an exciting fight.

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