Obama n’ Tiger; Too Big For Their Britches?

Updated: February 19, 2013

Them boys is too big for their britches . . . !

Don’t deny it – the two most hated Black men in the country, together, slappin’ whitey around, has resulted in aggravating and agitating most of America; The rank n’ file of the Republican TEA Party is peeved n’ pissed by these boys arrogance, as is the Liberal press corp. A number of women are, perhaps not offended, but rather as my mother would say . . . “disappointed” the President  would “want to” golf with the two-timing fallandering playboy.

Let’s roll n’ stroll for a moment; their gathering embodies more than a few combustible elements, no?

US Golf, in the realm of US popular culture is in the same breath as Polo, Tennis, Cricket, and Lacrosse, and oh yeah, water Polo.  So to see this country club endeavor, might we say overran by undesirable Negroes, that fact in-flames millions.

Ponder this easy putt; Tiger’s dominated and redefined the game of golf. While President Obama has dominated the US political scene for the last four years, and still has four more to go. His detractors and haters are crying about how he’s “redefining” America . . . these are two of the most powerful and influential men of our era.

But in the guesstimation of White America, these two men embody and symbolize what White folks fear most . . . Black Alpha Males. Our society is set-up to manufacture White Alpha Males, and to deter and retard the mass-production of Black Alpha Males.

It was tantamount  to maintaining Slavery and the mindset was the rule even after slavery ended. That’s what separate n’ unequal was all about – not educating, nor enlightening Black people, i.e., consciously, and in a cold calculating effort not creating competent competition for every meaningful aspect of life” in America was the unstated but adhere- to unspoken rule of White America, and it still is today.

That’s why the “Right” would prefer to build for-profit prisons then public preschools; the pipeline for Blacks and Browns is designed to end with either part-time employment at Wal mart, prison or an early-death. That’s the way most of White America likes it.

Tiger and Obama are the arrogant, uppity Black men White guys harbor contempt, envy and malice for . . . and are of-course intimidated-by.

One is a family man Walt Disney would be proud of. The other is a Boy Scout gone bad –  his penis unchained, and it has what can only be described as an addiction to White women. Both uh, lifestyles  rub White men the wrong way. They don’t know who they fear more – the officer n’ gentleman President your wife wishes you were “more like” or the rich Black athlete  who’s going to have your woman bedded on his private yacht.

Forgive me, but in backyards, bars, barbershops and salons that’s what this conversation sounds like amongst, not all, but millions upon millions upon millions of White folks; they’re scared and intimidated by Blacks, going back to elementary school on the playground, in the restroom, on the dance-floor, even in a few science and math classes there were those Blacks whose skills and abilities intimidated Whites, and they’re still scared today, perhaps more so.

Hell, the next Pope may be Black.

For White folks, what they’re living through right now is . . . traumatizing, to-say-the-least for many. Perhaps akin-to the fall of Apartheid in South Africa; Obama is their Mandela. But as impacting –  their boss at work is Black, they’re brother-in-law is a brother. The new neighbor is Brown, the people at the grocery store and Target are “colored.” What we’ve got here is White folks freaking the you-know-what out. They’re overwhelmed.

“I see Colored People!”

The current changing landscape of the US is, if nothing else causing White folks to cling to their assault weapons and those bibles with the Nordic Viking Jesus. They feel both surrounded and infiltrated, because they are, and it scares them, to the point I’m afraid they may Sandy Point snap n’ pop at any-given-moment.

Let me tell the truth here; a moment like the President and Tiger were engaged in.

Merely a simple-round of golf, at a private aristocratic golf club, which was for eternity, and would still be today a “hey boy, what are you doing here” moment  for Blacks. A certainty if the Rand Paul led Republican TEA Party had a magic-whip to snap n’ pop on the backs of we darkies put us back in our assigned 1952 place

I didn’t go to Hollywood on that one, I went to Broadway, because the America Rush Limbaugh and the Rednecks yearn for would not allow the President to be President and Tiger to be a Master of the Links, they’d forbid our inclusion based on . . . racism. Those obviously overly- dramatic Ted Nugent feelings of inferiority masked behind the arrogant and misplaced projection of Sean Hannity perfection and superioress.

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