Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?

Updated: February 7, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-Does winning a Super Bowl make you an elite quarterback?

Whether it does or doesn’t, people still are debating if NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning deserves that title, despite him winning two Super Bowl rings.

Now, the Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco’s name has been thrown into the elite category after his near flawless playoff and Super Bowl performance against San Francisco 49ers, where he was named Super Bowl MVP  after completing 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards and throwing three touchdown passes to three different wide receivers.

With the Super Bowl victory, Joe Flacco can no longer be called Joe Flukeo. Matter of fact, he finally has earned the nickname Joe Cool, which his teammate linebacker Terrell Suggs loves to call him and once defended this label to the death in a debate with ESPN’s FirstTake Skip Bayless live on national television.

“I am 100 percent sold on Joe,” Suggs declared into the camera. “Joe Cool has never lost his composure…

As much as we don’t want to accept this, Joe, who has won the most road playoff  games for a quarterback in the NFL, was cool through out the entire playoffs and on the road to winning the Super Bowl XLVII MVP by throwing 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions, which ties legendary Joe Montana’s record, in victories over the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning  in double overtime and the New England  Patriots and Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game.

If that “ain’t” elite, I don’t know what is.

Why? Because, statistically, after five season in the NFL, upon graduating from the University of Delaware and being selected 18th overall in the NFL Draft in 2008, Flacco has shattered all Ravens’ franchise records. Plus, he has led his team to the playoffs every year, while completing 61% of  his passes, throwing for 17, 633 yards,106 touchdowns and only 56 interceptions in the process.

Despite all of this success, some people still think Tom Romo is a better quarterback.

Cowboy fans are loyal to the end, even when they don’t make the playoffs.

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