Updated: February 16, 2013

1. What would Martin Luther King Jr. tell President Obama?

I am not going to study War anymore.

2. How do you treat flu-like symptoms?

I drink lots of Gatorade. Why? Because, it cured Michael Jordan, according to that inspiring Gatorade commercial. Who knew Gatorade was better than Thera-flu.

3. Do you know who the rapper Shawty Lo is?

Yes, I think he is my daddy.

4. When your throat gets dry what do you do?

I take a gulp  of water like the Republican “savior” Mark Rubio, even if I am live on television.

5. What’s the most dangerous thing you can do in America?

Tell the Truth.

6. What advice to you have for Dallas Cowboy fans?

Don’t go to Seriously, don’t do it.

7. Do you believe in the power of prayer like Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis?

Yes. But, I also believe in the power of deer antler spray too.

8. Did you watch the UNC versus Duke game?

No, I was in my bathroom, with the door lock, reading some of my uncle’s old Jet magazines.

9. What does being a slave feel like?

Don’t ask me, ask Uncle Sam. Because, he is a slave to debt.

10. Is the Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco an elite quarterback since winning the Super Bowl?

No, Jim Caldwell is an elite coach.

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