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Updated: February 13, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-We, all, have read the Bible. Or skimmed through it. Misquoting scriptures, forgetting verses, making up stuff, and formatting our own interpretations, while attempting to make sense of  the four gospels, which were allegedly written by Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. Therefore, during Black History Month, we, at, decided to create our own gospel according to some of our great scholars, thinkers, and leaders.

The Gospel According to Malcolm X

The world pushes the African around because we give the impression that we are chumps, not champs, but chumps, weaklings, falling over ourselves to follow other people rather than our own traditions.

The Gospel According to Dr. Ben

African-Americans have not yet learn that no other people have continued to worshipping another’s God, especially their slave master’s god or gods and freed themselves from cultural and physical genocide. Why should Africans and African-Americans be the only exception to his histroic reality?

The Gospel According to Haile Selassie

It is a crime if you do not teach your own children.

The Gospel According to Marcus Garvey

Any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race, is leadership that will enslave you.

The Gospel According to Dr. Julia Hare

Black folks are still allowing white folks to choose their leaders. Do you believe the Israelis would allow the Arabs to choose their leaders? The Chinese would allow the Japanese to choose their leaders for them? Would the British allow the Irish to choose their leaders ? Do you think that lions would allow tigers  to lead them in the jungle? It’s only Black folks who will allow others to come in and pick their leaders for them!

The Gospel According to Martin Luther King

We say that war is a consequence of hate. But close scrutiny reveals this sequence: First fear, then hate, then war, and finally deep hatred.

The Gospel According to Robert Mugabe

The United States, awakened to the implications of being the sole superpower, joined by Britain as a born-again colonialist, and other Western countries have turned themselves into fierce hunting bulldogs raring to go, as they sniff for more blood, Third World blood.

The Gospel According to W.E.B Dubois

Either the United States will destroy ignorance or, ignorance will destroy the United States.

The Gospel According to Dr. John H.Clarke

Your illusion is that the possibility that you would one day be an American citizen. They didn’t bring you here to make you a citizen. They brought you here to slave and to do labor. And when the machines and other immigrant groups made your labor obsolete, they were stuck with you.

The Gospel According to Assata Shakur

Sisters we have got to take control of our lives and our future wherever we are. And we have got to organize ourselves into a strong body of Afrikan women.

The Gospel According to Dr. Wade Nobles.

Culture is to humans as water is to fish. Humans can’t exist outside of culture .

The Gospel According to Emiliano Zapata

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!!!

The Gospel According to Dr. Frances Welsing

Justice comes after injustices has been defeated . You can not defeat injustice with fantasy.

The Gospel According to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Unite and create a future of your own.















*special thanks to the Nubian Times for compiling quotations.

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