Celtics Lose Sullinger For The Season “Huge Blow”, But Still Beat Magic 97-84

Updated: February 1, 2013

The Celtics played the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday and Jared Sullinger had played only 4 minutes before leaving the game holding his back with a face full of pain. Jared was reported to have back spasms and didn’t return to the game as the Celtics finished off the Kings 99-81. Coming into friday the Celtics had notified the media that Sully would need to have surgery on his lumbar disc in his back. With Sully having season ending surgery this puts the Celtics in a tough position especially with the team already having trouble rebounding and now that you take Sully out the mix it is a huge blow to them. In my opinion I believe that Sully was a bigger lose than Rondo because, we have no one that can actually replace his rebounding skills unless someone like Bass or Fab Melo who they called up from the D-League step up big time. The Celtics have to fill the void of our best offensive rebounder which will not be an easy task.

Danny Ainge on Jared Sullinger’s injury

“We’re not ready to cave in yet, are you kidding? It’s [going to] take more than that,” Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said regarding the season. “We’ll just have to win in a different way. Jared’s our best rebounder, we don’t have to play that way. The last two games, we played without Jared the last game, our team looked great. In the second half of the Miami game, we played smaller ball and were able to win. Against New York, they’re a small ball team and we played small against them and had a win in New York. I think that we’re going to have to win in a different way without Jared and without Rajon.

With that being said the Celtics have to either pick up a veteran or make a trade that will help them for the rest of the season the trading deadline is February 21 at 3:00pm. Thats only 20 days away will the Celtics blow up the team with Rondo and Sully out or will they hold on and maintain and try to stay afloat to see what the team does for the playoffs. With the 6-7-8th seeds in site the Celtics are no easy out because, they play with Celtics pride and have proved it ever since they beat the Heat in the double overtime game sunday and have proven it by killing the Kings on wednesday.

The Celtics defeated the Orlando Magic tonight at the TD Garden 97-84 with Jeff Green turning this game into a highlight reel kind of game. The Celtics came out very aggressive and tok advantage of Orlando’s bad shots and played great defense. The Bench stepped up big time with Courtney Lee with 14 and Terry with 12 points everyone was clicking tonight including Pierce who almost had a triple double with 14/11/7. The Celtics will host the Clippers on sunday at 1pm and look to keep this streak alive but the schedule is going to get a little tougher now that the Kings and Magic are out the way.

Jeff Green Interview Below

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