Broner Wins An Easy Victory!

Updated: February 17, 2013

Galvin Rees was an 80 to 1 underdog against champion Adrian Broner, whose last fight was a virtuoso performance against Antonio DeMarco.   Rees was the smaller and older fighter coming into the fight and he began the opening minute attacking including body shots while Broner seemed content to play defense and parry off the shots.  Rees created the action in the opening stanza as he was hoping to show that he belonged in the same ring as Broner.

In the opening minute of the second round, Rees nailed Broner with left hooks to the body and took advantage of Broner inactivity, but over the last minute Broner landed a potent right hand.   Throughout the third round, Broner did manage to connect with a couple of right hands and like the first two rounds, Rees threw more punches.  As the round progressed, Broner landed some big shots against the game Rees.  Broner unleashed two combinations over the last thirty seconds as he trapped Rees on the rope.

Broner continued to land big shots and his accurate shots were taking hold.  One of those shots was a right hand upper cut that sent Rees down for a eight count in the fourth round. Rees got back up and started to nail the body in an effort to slow Broner’s down. Broner landed a few body shots of his own over the final minute as he took control fight.

In between rounds, Rees trainer threaten to stop the fight as he told his fighter that he was taking too many shots and threaten to stop the fight.   Rees came out for the fifth round aggressively including two solid rights but Broner continued to hit back with accuracy.  Broner sent Rees down with a left hook to the body.  Broner assaulted Rees with a variety of shots including right hand leads and left hooks.  With time running out in the round, Rees’ trainer stopped the fight as he waved the white towel.

Broner has talent to be one of the best pound for pound and at 23, he is a potential superstar. HBO Roy Jones noted that while Broner gets hit; one reason is that Broner takes chances and has no problem going for knockouts. Broner knows that boxing is as much as entertainment as it is about championships. Championships are crucial for a legacy but Broner understand that boxing is about selling tickets as well. Rees was game but Broner was the superior fighter.  This fight saw a good fighter against a potentially great fighter.  The potentially great fighter won.


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