2013 NBA All Star Weekend Pros & Cons and Player Interviews

Updated: February 25, 2013


1. The players are open to any questions it’s basically all out questions like the Superbowl anything goes.

2. The players turn into the biggest fans too when it comes to the Saturday Night events. Skills,3 -Point, and Dunk Contest.

3. The NBA really takes care of the Media with gifts,meals, and also open bars and also they go out their way to make sure the Media has everything they need to get their news out on time.

4. All the celebrities come out to watch all the events and help with the NBA Cares which players and celebs helped out with.

5. All the events were competitive because of the East vs West for the different charities. Plus the Jam Session was great.



1. The arena in Houston was pretty silent during the All Star Game.

2. The players in the dunk contest were very nervous. I believe the league had the right dunkers in it though.

3. The players didn’t play that serious in the All Star game until Kobe went after Lebron.


Below I have some of the interviews that I was able to get in there for All Star Weekend. KG talking about how it could be his last one and also players talking about how much KG means to the league and more ENJOY……

NBA Player Interviews Click Here


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