Only One Word Explains The Snubbing Of Black Coaches In The NFL . . . Racism

Updated: January 28, 2013

by Desi Cortez

It’s not peculiar nor odd former Eagles mastermind, Andy Reid, with 4 wins this past 2012 NFL season was hired instantly upon the completion of this last 4 win season, while the Bears headmaster, Lovie Smith, after a 10 win season, was given the ice-cold shoulder by an assortment of businessmen, modern-day aristocrats who invite, welcome, with wide-open arms into their private penthouses . . . Rush Limbaugh.

It is indeed stunning, no?

Also, and I know it doesn’t matter to the owners, Reid’s White, and a Mormon, while Lovie is a Black man . . . married to a White women. And I know the owners know their fanbase – angry White men, who of-course could give  a hoot a Black man is heading the city’s most recognized entity . . . its professional football team.


Honestly, must we pretend NFL owners are comfortable with Blacks masterminding their gridiron Enterprises . . . ?

Please, its no secret these pigskin fat-cats, along with that White male fan-base, the vastly lily White sports press industry, Wall Street marketing executives and even local sponsors are resisting the inevitable . . . Black Head Coaches, Black Quarterbacks, Black Cheerleaders and Black Owners.

Its no secret this nation is split along the color-line; most White folks, not all but the significant majority  don’t take too kindly to Blacks, Latinos, Asians, actually any Americans-of-Color. The popular Republican TEA Party prefers 1953 apartheid to 2013 inclusion and diversity it’s undeniable they’re resisting what can only be termed “inescapable change.”

Resisting change translates into deliberately, strategically and methodically excluding qualified Black men from heading-up teams which are predominantly composed of Blacks. The woeful percentages of Blacks behind the helm can’t be attained n’ maintained by happenstance or coincidence – rather the numbers are a calculated result of hard-work on the behalf of those who want to keep the leagues coaching ranks damn near as lily white as the Augusta Plantation country club still is today.

There’s only one answer to extract this embedded racism . . . workers, aka players walk off, put down their balls and pick up their balls . . . all at the same time, take-off their cleats and put on their picket-line shoes, commence  a work stoppage.

While we fanatical fans who’re addicted to this male soap-opera initiate a boycott of all NFL merchandise and paraphernalia.

Can you say “Black Power?”  Don’t be afraid. And while you’re yellin’ say “Power to the People!” Now, if you’re going to get crazy, go mad baby and scream  . . “I’m Black n’ I’m proud!”

I blinking guarantee you . . . this will get their attention and bring them to the table – to do more than fabricate Rooney like rules they’re not going to follow. No instead they’ll have to sign papers explaining the exploitation-without-representation will cease. In a league 65% Black, you’d think at-least half that percentage would occupy head coaching positions, which would roughly equate into say 11 or 12 coaches, as a “bottom- line.”

However guess what? Just like when it comes to almost every occupation in America . . .  the White guys doing the hiring . . . they just can’t seem to find anyone “qualified.”

Ain’t that a Redneck for ya’?!

When we all know . . . they don’t want to find a Black man to head up their franchise. Deeper yet, these friends of Limbaugh don’t believe there are any Black men qualified to take the reins, be it President or Head Coach, Secretary of State or a  starting NFL Quarterback.

Can I close this by telling it like it really is . . . the bastards are just plain racist. For them to admit it would make the attacks too easy. Nonetheless, they believe Black people have a lower, inferior place within the hierarchy of society, and that’s just the goddamn truth, I don’t have to wait for any unlikely confessions.

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