The Washington Football Club’s WILL TO WIN

Updated: January 13, 2013

by Gary Norris GRAY

It was a wonderful weekend for African American football fans. Two Black quarterbacks played against each other. This was the second time in history when two Black leaders were on the field in the NFL playoffs.

It should have been a time of joy for the Washington Football Club and their long suffering fans. It turned out to be a nightmare and led to questions that should be answered by the head coach. A nightmare when the star player could not bench himself.

The Seattle Seahawks moved on to the (NFC) National Conference Semi- Finals defeating the Washington Football Club 24-14. The ‘Hawks’ won with another Black rookie sensation, Russell Wilson and a strong Seattle defense but that was only part of the story.

The Washington Football Club set the (D.C.) District of Columbia area on fire this year with the number 2 pick in the 2012 NFL draft. Robert Griffin III, (this writer will no-longer call him RG3). Griffin took the Burgundy and Gold to the NFC Eastern Conference Title losing only one conference game. Mr. Griffin made the issue of Black quarterbacks a non-sequitur, a non-factor with his outstanding quarterback skills.

The sports media could not find fault in number 10′s game They really tried hard and Stated that he was too intelligent for the position. WAIT, a Black man smart? Let’s remember Bart Star (Green Bay Packers) who guided the Packers, he was too short, remember Doug Flute (Buffalo), Griffin runs too much, remember Fran Tarkington (N.Y.Giants-Minn. Vikings) and Roger “the Dodger” Staubach (Dallas Cowboys) who ran all over the field, Griffin is not a great pocket passer like Donavan McNabb (Washington-Philadelphia Eagles) or Steve McNair (Tennessee Titians), Griffin is not strong enough to shake off would be tacklers like Cam Newton(Carolina Panthers), Griffin does not have pocket passing presence like Ron Jaworski (Phila. Eagles), Tom Brady (New England Patriots), or Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers).

Sorry ESPN Robert Griffin III had the full package.

Well, what the media could not do to Robert Griffin III, the Washington Football Club head coach and quarterback coach accomplished. The results are a broken quarterback. In the 4th quarter, number 10, dropped back to pass but it was not the same. There was an opening on his left side, he could not get there, his legs betrayed him and he threw an incomplete pass. He limped to the sidelines and the Washington Football Clubs’ dream ended.

The Shanahan’s did not take care of the most important part of the football team-THE QUARTERBACK. Three weeks ago Mr. Griffin injured his right knee playing the Baltimore Ravens. Linebacker Ngata fell on him straining the knee. Mike Shanahan should have pulled number 10 from that game. He did not and Griffin finished the game limping off the field.

The Shanahan’s should have handled number 10 with care. They did not, and Griffin and the Washington team’s future are now in jeopardy.

Now America might miss one of the greatest quarterbacks of our times because of male egos. The Egos of Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III hurt the Washington Football Club, Shanahan’s will to win overpowered common sense. Lastly putting fear in coaches who might disagree with his football tactics. He wants to enter the Football Hall of Fame and he needs another Super Bowl victory to accomplish this fete.

Robert Griffin III became the latest victim of Mike Shanahan’s rule. In this playoff game he risked the D.C. Franchise’s future with stubbornness. This was straight up Black exploitation. Not a single sports network said a word. Just play football and shut up.

This is right from the current movie “Django” as Black journalist Tom Joyner makes his point. Mike Shanahan could play the character DiCaprio in the movie where DiCaprio had his Mandingo warriors fight to the death.

“Keep Fighting Negroes” it was the same, Shanahan telling Robert to go back out on the field and don’t come back to the sidelines until you can’t walk.

Robert Griffin III contributed to this mess by not speaking up and using common sense. Add the thought that he thinks that he is invincible, indestructible, superhuman, and nothing can stop him. A 298 pound Baltimore linebacker may have changed the football career of number 10. Griffin might have thought that if he did not play he would lose his starting position. Who would take his job in Washington after the work he displayed this year?

Washington’s backup rookie quarterback, Kurt Cousins could have entered the game at halftime to finish the job Sunday night but Shanahan put Mr. Griffin back in. The question should be asked why?

Robert Griffin III’s knee will never be the same with (ACL) and (LCL) torn ligament injuries which will require off season surgery and a three month rehabilitation program.

The Oakland Raiders and owner Al Davis knew about Mr. Shanahan’s coaching methods after a three year employment stint in the East Bay. The need to be in complete control was an ongoing issue between Mr. Davis and Mr. Shanahan. The Black and Silver released Shanahan after many in house fights. Mike moved on to Denver with complete control.

The cold Shanahan stare gripped the Denver Broncos for 13 years and two Super Bowl victories. That same cold stare could have silenced Washington’s team Doctor James Andrews Sunday Night because winning became more important than the health of the Franchise.

In Conclusion, The Washington Football Club had one of the greatest seasons of the 2000′s. They drafted one of the greatest players of modern times yet the future is cloudy in the D.C. Area because of poor decisions made Sunday night.

Next question would Mr. Shanahan treat a famous white quarterback in the same manner?

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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