Upsets Night on ESPN Friday Night!

Updated: January 26, 2013

Jose Hernandez took the opening bout of ESPN Friday night fight on short notice but he began the first three rounds by banging the undefeated Tony Luis around the ring.   Hernandez tested Luis by nailing his opponent while Luis launched his own body shots but there was no doubt Hernandez was not a mere opponent.

By the fifth round Hernandez appeared to tire out as he started to breathe heavily but as ESPN Ted Atlas noted, Hernandez hit his target when he unloaded his punches. Luis was the busy puncher but there were times that Hernandez was able to land explosive punches that occasionally shook Luis.

In the eighth round, Hernandez stunned Luis with a left hook that was followed by two right hands that sent Luis down.  Luis, who was winning the round until he hit the canvas, staggered across the round.  Hernandez pursued his prey as he went for the upset finish.  Luis couldn’t defend himself nor did he know how to hold.  Hernandez landed one haymaker after another before Luis’ corner threw in the towel. Hernandez pulled off the upset against the undefeated Luis.  Luis threw more punches but Hernandez was able to stun Luis with occasionally hard shots. This was a case of a more powerful puncher outslugging a busier fighter.

Serhiy Dzinziruk faced the tough Brian Vera in an important fight for both fighters.  In the opening round, Vera threw right hands after right hands.  Vera first big right sent down Dzinziruk for a quick count that looked less than a knockdown but a slip. However the second knockdown was the real thing as Dzinziruk went down.   Dzinziruk tried boxing in the second round but Vera continued to launch right hands that continued to connect on Dzinziruk’s head.   After two rounds, Dzinziruk looked more like surviving than fighting as he was confused how to deal with Vera hard charging style.

In the fourth round, Dzinziruk managed to use his boxing styles to counter Vera attacking and connected with right hand hooks followed by straight left. Vera continued to pursue Dzinziruk and his strategy was clear; throw his right hand and hope for a knockout.  There was not a fight that Vera was going to win by style point.

Dzinziruk biggest flaw was that he continuously retreated straight back and this allowed Vera to touch Dzinziruk with his right hand and in the fight; he managed to land two big right.  Dzinziruk jab started to land more consistently.  This jab allowed him to escape Vera pressure as Vera started to slow down his pace.  Through six rounds, Dzinziruk was the more accurate whereas Vera managed to land more punches and connect on more while he missed at a higher percentage, Vera managed to connect with a solid right at the end of seventh round that turned the round around.  Vera attacked with ferocity at the beginning of the eighth round as he followed up with his right hand at the end of the seventh round,  Vera bloodied Dzinziruk face as he landed a ten punch combination and he nearly stopped Dzinziruk. Dzinziruk managed to return the favor as he cut Vera left eye with his right hand jabs.  Vera slowed down enough for Dzinziruk to steady himself with his jab and he managed to turn the round around. Vera eyes started to swell shut.

Dzinziruk used his jab to control the action in the first half of the tenth round as he managed to separate distance between himself and Vera.  This ended in the second half of round as Vera forced Dzinziruk to the rope and this time, Vera did not allow his prey to escape with a right hand that twisted Dzinziruk head 180 degree and then finished with left hook and two more rights.  Vera scored an upset over Dzinziruk, a former world champion. This was an evening of upsets and exciting fights.

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