SHOBOX: Taylor and Andrade

Updated: January 28, 2013


Undefeated Demetrius Andrade fought Freddy Hernandez and Hernandez goal was to turn this into alley fight.  Over the first five rounds, little was settled as Hernandez stayed close to Andrade.

In the fifth round, Andrade boxing style peppered Hernandez and suddenly it was Andrade getting the better of the infighting, a fight that Hernandez wanted.  Andrade connected on several solid left hands over the last minute. After the fifth round, Andrade landed more punches and he was the more accurate puncher.

At the beginning of sixth round, Andrade popped Hernandez with several shots as he set up a solid right hand that sent Hernandez down.  Andrade punch came after he switched from southpaw to orthodox.  Hernandez got up barely but as he did, the mouth piece came out of his mouth.  Hernandez borrowed enough time to survive the round.

Andrade continued to fight from the outside the seventh round as he launched combinations that rarely missed their target. Throughout the eighth and ninth round, Andrade simply nailed Hernandez with one solid shot after another as he controlled the fight.  He ended the round with a solid uppercut and followed up with four punch combination before the bell ended the round.  Andrade started the round with snapping punches as he sat down on his punches while hurting Hernandez.  Hernandez spent much of the first half of the final round, defending himself.  Andrade continued the onslaught as Hernandez had no answer for Andrade’s fast hands.

Raymond Serrano faced Emmanuel Taylor in one of those conflicts between two younger prospects looking to make a statement.   Both fighters deferred on the feeling out process as they stayed within each other pocket. However both fighters showed defensive skills as they did not succeed in hitting each other very often.

Taylor jabbed as he attempted to get inside Serrano to launch his body shots but Serrano managed to land a solid right halfway through the second round.  Taylor managed to avoid many punches coming his way and the second round like the first was close one.

Taylor started to connect with some left hooks in the third as he started to open up and in the fourth round, he started to connect with right hands after follow up with jabs.  Taylor left hooks showed sharpness as he threw short accurate punches.   Taylor confidence grew as he started to vary his punches in the fifth round as he added upper cuts and overhand rights to his left hook and jab.

Taylor ended the fight with series of combinations as he forced Serrano to the rope.  He threw three punches that missed before nailing Serrano with a right hand and left hook.  This was follow by a three punch combinations that zipped through Serrano guard and Serrano head twisted 180 degree.  The referee stopped the fight as the last three punches nearly decapitated Serrano.    Taylor won a big fight and took a step in his career.

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