Peyton Manning Endorses Jim Caldwell; Is That Enough To Get A Black Man A Job As An NFL Head Coach?

Updated: January 15, 2013

Peyton Manning Endorses Jim Caldwell; Is that enough to get a Black Man a Job as an NFL Head Coach?


One might think so, considering the “props” given to Peyton Manning; He’s currently the epitome of the mythical “All-American” Great White Hope. If people think John Elway could be Governor of Colorado, Manning could, despite this inaugural year’s premature demise from the tourney,  if he brings another Vince Lombardi Trophies back to the Rocky Mountain Empire. . . Mr Manning could be  the Republican Nominee for President . . . if he were to so chose to be.

Let it be said . . . let it be done.

This is a bad, bad man. “Ol blood, guts n’ brains.”

I personally believe Manning’s the epitome of an “Alpha-Male” – a leader, a captain. ”Ol’ blood, guts n’ smarts” – he’s the closest thing any of us will ever see in the sports-world who’s the personification of terms like “Field General.”

Manning’s an officer n’ gentleman, an Eagle Scout, a retro compilation remake of Johnny U., Bart Starr, YA Title . . . and Jimmy Stewart or Henry Fonda. Think “ole money.” His recent “gridiron summit” with Ray Lewis after the battle at Mile Hi, in the locker room, their armor off,  Ray’s last  go-round, Mannings boy, “Opie”  at their feet . . . that was a class-act on Manning’s part.

New England’s “Tom-Cat” Brady  has more rings, but lacks middle-America appeal;  lacks the blood-line, the Walt Disney morals and values of Manning – Brady may have a bunch-of-kids, by a bunch-of-women before he retires,  While Manning’s long-wed to his college sweetheart, they’ve two kids, twins, boy n’ girl, . . . gee, golly – “Peyton’s Place” is more akin to Mayberry RFD.

Peyton represents a Mainstream USA cultural yearning to return the game to a past golden era;- the “fabulous fifties;”  his orchestrating of the offense, barking at his linemen, identifying the enemy and maneuvering the weapons in his arsenal . . .  that’s what a real “Signal Caller” use to be required to do before the financial rewards/risk went astronomical.

!959 was also an time in NFL lore when White-guy supremacy and dominance at the professional “Golden Boy” position was a given – no one else was permitted to play it.

Peyton’s pappy,  Archie, came along at a time when White “might” was being challenged and questioned on all levels of US Society – Archie held-the-line as an athletic QB at Ol’ Miss, in itself a cultural battlefield at the time when the institution itself stood for all that was White and right.  It was the actual  embodiment of “Ol’ Dixie” – long-ago before racial  integration in the NCAA,  Ol’ Miss was a dominant force in post WWII major college football, Manning is to below the Mason-Dixon Line football what the Kennedys are to modern US politics – Southern Pigskin Royalty, Confederate Red Coat blue-bloods.

Peyton don’t smoke, curse, chew, vote Democrat or marry women who do.

So you’d think, with this hallowed, anointed god like status #18  holds . . .  the Wall Street  aristocrats who own those NFL franchises beginning their quest to anoint  a new head coach – might heed Manning’s pronouncement about Jim Caldwell;  “He’s a great football coach. I guarantee you, when some of these head jobs come open this year, Jim Caldwell ought to be a head coach, in my opinion.”

Even after Caldwell orchestrated  the Ravens Offense past the Bronco’s!

Wait, it won’t halt NFL teams from  calling the Broncos Offensive Coordinator, before they’ve called Caldwell.  The cat who put together the offense  Kyle Orton ran, before  Tim Tebow came-in and ran around last year . . .

Ain’t that a bitch?! If they call anyone in Denver, call Peyton Manning- he’s the Broncos Offensive head coach.

I’ll lay odds Caldwell isn’t a head coach in the NFL come the 2013 season, nonetheless Norv Turner will be rewarded with a Head Coach slot . . .  after the great work he’s done in Oaktown, the Chocolate City – DC, and now wrapping it all-up down-in Paradise.

Just as I-gurantee-you some 37 year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed gridiron-guru will be rewarded, crowned a genius by one of the leagues Fatcat robber-barons who pal around with the likes of “The Donald,” and “The Blimp” – Rush Limbaugh. Chan Gailey will get another run somewhere.

John Gruden, the well noted  Negro Whisperer who possess the rare Dr. Doolittle-like ability to “talk to the animals”/communicate with Black players . . . no, believe it or not, his baby-brother is being interviewed – they hope he has the gift also. . . .  Even 32 year-old college guys with little NFL experience, guys in retirement homes will get a 3rd or 4th shot . . . before Caldwell.

The present-day NFL head-coaching landscape is insulting and demeaning to Black coaches, players and fans . . . we ought protest, with-hold our labor and monies from the NFL, bring the league to its god-damn knees and make them do-right by the laws of logic and common-sense . . . but that’s my own little internal  micro/macro economic wet-dream.

Black Power. No, I’m not afraid to say it. Hell, let’s exercise it, put it into play. If not right-here n’ right-now . . . when n’ where? And if not us are to do it, then who will . . . good White folks, on our behalves?” We’ll have to unchain ourselves.

In-part there few Afro-American Offensive Coordinators standing in what is the official “pipeline” to the top. Jim Caldwell was the only one this season, and he’s a late-season replacement.

I’d submit this void, this  absence of Black Offensive Coordinators is not by “chance, coincidence nor happenstance,” but rather this never-ending stream of  “good ol boy” candidates reflect a  highly orchestrated exclusion effort.

The “pool” of potential coordinators is almost non-existent because the “stepping-stones” leading to the coveted slot are still reserved for White guys, i.e., they’re few Black QB coaches because ex-NFL Black quarterbacks are rare – because Blacks were banned from playing the position up until . . . yesterday?

Mirroring the NFL, the NCAA collegiate field is void-of O-coordinators, thus producing fewer head-coaches  which translates-into fewer potential Blacks “qualified” to apply to the NFL ranks. It’s a vicious, diabolically crafted circle, no?

This exclusively maintained “short-list” is man-made and manipulated, designed-to deliberately, consciously, and methodically  excluded blacks  . . . in-order-to, let us say  “ensure” there’s virtually-never an individual and surely never a  group, never a collection of men and a body-of-their-work demanding the next open head coach position in the NFL.

Nonetheless there is a group of “more-than-over-qualified” men, achieved against all-odds, headed-up by Cincy’s Hue Jackson,  Atlanta’s Terry Robiskie, and Washington’s Bobby Tuner.

My thought; Black men have been blacklisted within the NFL. We’re being pimped n’ exploited, the “glass stadium dome” is still intact. The aristocrats who run the league well-understand its fan-base has “issues” with a Black President, Black neighbors, Black in-laws,  as-well-as serious problems with Black head coaches and Quarterbacks.

Most White sportsfans . . . and sports writer Jason Whitlock  (think “Stephen”  in Django Unchained . . . with an eating disorder) will dismiss my summarization as “playing-the-race-card,” just as I’d counter their contention is predictable; an insecure and highly paranoid White America today believes the only racism left in the US is “reverse racism” – Whites discriminated against by the litany of their conquered foes – Blacks, Indians, Latinos, Asians, Women, immigrants-of-color . . . everyone who was pimped, exploited and damn-near exterminated by the “American Dream” has a thorn stuck in their behind . . . go figure.

We, the “ungrateful”  who ought be grateful . . . ain’t that a  . . . ?

But what we, the unwashed Americans-of-color don’t have is “power,” absolute power – which the White-male establishment does have and has utilized to maintain their stranglehold on positions like NFL head coach, President of the US of A, Doctor, astronaut, blue-collar breadwinner, NFL quarterback, school principal, architect, etc., etc.

Peyton Manning’s gleaming endorsement of Caldwell, who’s been a successful NFL head coach and a head coach/”offensive guru” at the NCAA level, and who very well coordinate the Baltimore’s offense to the promised land, NawLins, his accomplishments and the  accolades  will fall upon deaf-ass ears, blind eyes n’ cold shoulders . . .  . While  Peyton’s  support will be regarded by the elitist in the NFL cartel, whose political/social and economic outlooks are akin to the Republican TEA Party” as a momentary loss-of-his-mind, merely a “Nigger-lover moment.”

Yeah, that’s precisely where we are, as a nation today.

Even a good White man, who put money in Mitt Romney’s pockets – can’t speak truth-to-pompous punks in power, they just won’t hear of it.


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