Did Louisville really defeat Florida?

Updated: January 11, 2013

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-With former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, a native of Louisville, participating in the pregame coin ceremony, Louisville safety Calvin Pryor, who is from Port St.John’s, Florida, predicted that the Cardinals were going to “shock the world” against the Florida Gators in the Sugar Bowl Wednesday night, January 2, in New Orleans.

And they did just that.

Lead by sophomore quarterback , who is from Miami, the Cardinals upset the Gators 33-23.

With the victory, chants of ‘‘Charlie, Charlie!’’ echoed through out the Superdome from a large section of enthusiastic Cardinal fans.

Charlie, of course, is Louisville’s third-year football coach Charlie Strong, who is the former defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators.

With the win, Louisville finished the season 11-2.

And with the lost, Florida finished the season 11-2.

With both teams posting the same records, people are still shocked that Louisville, a Big East school, known for basketball rather than football, could defeat a SEC powerhouse like Florida.

This is where the story gets interesting.

Why? Because, in this episode of the twilight zone, the philosophical questions remains….

Did Louisville really defeat Florida?

Or, did the state of Florida defeat Florida?

Why do I ask that question?

Because, the Louisville Cardinals have about 35 players from the state of Florida on its 2012 roster.

One, of course, is Teddy Bridgewater, who completed 20 of 32 passes for 266 yards and two touchdowns, while throwing to nine different receivers in the process.

The large number of Floridians on the Cardinals roster, of course has a lot to due with Coach Strong’s connection with the University of Florida and his ability to recruit.

Matter of fact, in my opinion, there were so many players from Florida playing for Louisville that they outnumbered the Florida fans in the Superdome during the Sugar Bowl.

Talk about home field advantage, how sweet is that..

Here is a list of all the Florida born athletes on the Louisville roster:

1 Keith Brown LB 6-1 230 FR MIAMI, FL
2 Michaelee Harris WR 6-2 193 SO MIAMI, FL
3 Charles Gaines CB 5-11 188 FR MIAMI, FL
4 Robert Clark WR 5-9 182 SO PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL
5 Teddy Bridgewater QB 6-3 218 SO MIAMI, FL
7 Damian Copeland WR 6-1 183 JR BRADENTON, FL
8 Gerod Holliman S 6-0 208 FR MIAMI, FL
11 B.J. Dubose DE 6-5 265 SO OAKLAND PARK, FL
13 James Burgess LB 6-0 213 FR HOMESTEAD, FL
14 Andrell Smith WR 6-3 217 SR MIAMI, FL
15 Andrew Johnson CB 5-9 187 SO MIAMI, FL
18 Gerald Christian TE 6-3 260 SO PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL
19 Terell Floyd CB 5-10 199 SO FORT PIERCE, FL
20 Corvin Lamb RB 5-9 205 FR MIAMI, FL
23 Brandon Radcliff RB 5-9 220 FR MIAMI, FL
25 Calvin Pryor S 6-2 213 SO PORT SAINT JOE, FL
27 Jermaine Reve S 6-0 188 FR MIAMI, FL
28 Jeremy Wright RB 5-11 205 JR CLERMONT, FL
31 Champ Lee LB 6-0 218 JR LAKELAND, FL
34 George Durant LB 6-0 235 JR SAINT PETERSBURG, FL
43 Deon Rogers LB 6-2 199 JR PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL
44 B.J. Butler DE 6-2 268 JR KISSIMMEE, FL
46 Lamar Atkins LB 5-11 223 FR MIAMI, FL
48 Deiontrez Mount DE 6-5 234 SO FORT WALTON BEACH, FL
54 Mike Romano C 6-4 281 FR PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL
68 Kamran Joyer OL 6-3 270 JR TAMPA, FL
70 John Miller OL 6-2 321 SO MIAMI, FL
71 Chris Acosta OL 6-3 280 SO MIAMI, FL
72 Hunter Stout DT 6-4 253 JR TAMPA, FL
77 Abraham Garcia OL 6-5 352 FR FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
82 Eli Rogers WR 5-10 185 SO MIAMI, FL
85 Nate Nord TE 6-5 245 SR BOCA RATON, FL
96 Pedro Sibiea DT 6-3 293 FR HOMESTEAD, FL
99 Jamaine Brooks DT 6-4 326 SO MIAMI, FL

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