The Hall is Calling the Pot Black

Updated: January 23, 2013

By Gary Norris Gray

This year is the 1st year that Steroid Era players were eligible to enter The Baseball Hall of Fame and a brick wall was thrown in their collective faces.

Last week many of the American Sports Writers did not vote for anyone. Major League Baseball did not nominate anyone on the ballot. This vote exposed the arrogance and ignorance of these esteemed writers. These same writers either had to know or were in complete denial when it came to the issues of drugs in Major League Baseball. They were complacent and co-conspirators. Now they are trying to run away from the scene of the crime. They want to wash their collective hands of the problem and pass it on to MLB.

These writers think they have made a statement that none of the players even remotely close to the drug scandal will enter The Hall. Is it fair? Maybe, What about the players who played the game clean? Barry Bonds was held to a different standard and he took the brunt of all of Baseball’s ills. Mr. Bonds may never enter the Hall. But the Hall once again shows its hypocrisies, by putting the balls and bats used by number 25 that broke the records into the Hall. So in reality Barry Lamar Bonds is already in Baseball Hall of Fame DUH!!!

Mr. Bonds was not a media darling because he did not talk to the media while he played in Pittsburgh or in San Francisco.  Players like Bonds might have to pay the piper because baseball is not respecting their tainted records. Therefore these records should be allowed because MLB did not act until 2004 to reform its sport. Actually until Mr. Bonds started knocking on the door of the many homerun records. Interestingly they did not act years earlier during Baseball’s Summer of Love with Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire hitting homers every other night. It filled the stands, it paid the bills. The Media, the owners, the managers, and the writers did not care how it was done because everybody was happy, everybody was getting paid.

A very young Barry Lamar Bonds watched the way the media roasted his father Bobby Bonds who was a very good player. He starting in the outfield with the San Francisco Giants and ending his career with the Chicago Cubs.  Barry vowed he would never be treated in such a manner. Remember the Philadelphia Phillie and St. Louis Cardinal all star pitcher Steve Carlton did not speak to the media for ten years? The American Press Corp did not give Carlton any grieve as he entered The Hall without fanfare.

The issue with MLB administrators and The Sports Writer’s Guild of the Baseball Hall of Fame, is that they are playing innocent and they are not. Truthfully they are part of the problem. Instead of blowing the whistle, they played right along and reported on the game as if nothing happened. Meanwhile Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire ballooned to three times their natural body size and nothing was said.

Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame for his hitting records. Rose is not in the Hall because he gambled on the game. He has served his time, OPEN THE DOORS for Charlie Hustle’

Ty Cobb was an outright racist, yet he is in the Hall. The Chicago Black Sox scandal can be found in The Hall.

There have has been many Eras in Baseball therefore it makes no sense to exclude the Steroid Era. For instance in the era when Blacks could not play in MLB . So are the records legitimate before 1947? Then came the “greenie-uppers era” In the 1970′s are they going to change those records? Next came the “cocaine era”, The New York Mets paid a steep price in the 1980′s. This talented team could have won seven World Series Championships but only won one. Now MLB is confronted with the “Steroid era”. To resolved this issue  Major League Baseball might put Bonds, Sosa, Clemons, and others in with a footnote, STEROID ERA’. If they don’t do this, then the 61 Babe Ruth homerun season record will not count in many African American baseball fans eyes because he never played against the best Black players in THE NEGRO LEAGUES. Black pitchers never had an opportunity to throw fastball pass the Babe so we will never know if Ruth could have broken the record.  If they don’t, the American public will question every record in the Hall of Fame

Remember young Black players are watching this and they are saying, “See, baseball is doing it again with its hypocrisies”. It’s o.k. for Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun to use illegal substances and become the Most Valuable Player but if you are a person of color, don’t expect the same treatment. Major League Baseball will run you out of the game. Many young African Americans are turned off from the game and this just adds fuel to the fire. In 2013 the Black athletes are being driven away from the game by this kind of nonsense.

Baseball tried to placate the masses by passing new drug laws. It is not working!!!

Last Thursday afternoon MLB stepped up to the plate 10 years too late with the testing of (HGH) Human Growth Hormone. There will be complete testing next year. Baseball does not get it and this proves it.

MLB continues to be a HALL of SHAME.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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