Fans Putting Pressure On Bradley and Pressure On Danny Ainge

Updated: January 3, 2013



Living in Boston and being a Celtics fan has become a lot of hard work lately especially while the Celtics are on this four game losing streak. Fans in the Boston area would blame this losing streak on the lack of offense, lack of defense and lack of a big man but, the Celtics haven’t looked like they wanted any of these games past the first two quarters. Its evident that the Boston faithful are getting angered by the teams play as of late and have been voicing opinions to blow the team up and start fresh or make an impact move that will bring in a valuable player that can accompany Rondo,Pierce and KG.

Since Paul Pierce’s vintage heroics against the Mavs when he scored 34 points and was showing the reason why he was nicknamed “The Truth” the Celtics have been an eye covering (2-8). The Celtics are ranked 17th in defense in the NBA in this season so far and have showed no signs of improving that interior or exterior defense anytime soon but, wait a guy named Avery Bradley was supposed to come in here and fix the exterior defense with Rondo and turn this losing into winning. The Celtics fans have put a ton of pressure on Avery Bradley after a couple years ago talking about how he wasn’t that good to begin with. The Celtics fans have a love & hate relationship with any player in the New England region because, when your playing the best ball of your life they love you and when you stink it up they will let you know and they wont bite their tongue either. Avery Bradley’s return had been ruined by the Memphis Grizzles who I believe are a complete basketball team that has lock down defense and has showed it all year long. So getting back to Bradley people can’t call him the savior and be like it’s okay Celtics will struggle but when Bradley’s back watch. Nooooooooo it doesn’t work like that basketball is a team sport and defense wins championships. Bradley coming back will help our team with on ball defense but, one player can’t change a culture it starts with everyone.

Kevin Garnett’s limited action has been the factor in my view because, when KG is on the court the Celtics are a great defensive team and when he goes out for his breather the Celtics give up a point difference of 7.8 points to the other team while he rests. Doc doesn’t want to run KG into the ground it is clear by his max of 20 minutes a game but it’s time for the Celtics to bring in someone who is going to be willing to get down and dirty and grab those rebounds and defend without fouling. This is where Danny Ainge comes in because, he had the big 3 come together and now the fans need him to come up big again with another blockbuster trade that will positon them to stay content in the Eastern Conference let alone the NBA. The Celtics have been rumored to have interest in Cousins and Gortat but, I believe with all the contracts on our roster and the cap space to a minimum that the Celtics won’t be able to make that big of a splash on a trade unless they throw a lot of talent at another team like a package of Bass,Bradley,Lee and draft picks. The Celtics should look into someone like Blair from the Spurs he’s a great rebounder and doesn’t mind banging down low and he barely gets playing time on the Spurs with all the talent they have. He could be a great asset to KG and Sullinger if we threw him in the mix but it all falls on Danny Ainge and the Celtics faithful are starting to worry about Banner 18 quick and fast.

The Celtics have a lot of work to do and they have to get it done fast because, they are slowly but surely falling out of the playoff scene. It is obvious that they need a big man and they need to step it up in defense I believe with Bradley coming back in the line up after he gets the hang of the playing time that we will see a change. Bradley said ” I have no pain in the shoulder and I felt I could play a lot more time if needed” so let’s give him the time and let him create the turnovers that set us up for our very limited fast break points.

The Celtics take on the Indiana Pacers friday night at the garden and need to get out of this losing skid ASAP. Its not the Celtics fault I blame it on all the New England teams because, we are spoiled with all this winning and when a little bit of losing creeps up the fans have a heart attack so let’s relax and take a breather and remember that the Celtics first half of last season were playing bad and came back second half with the best record since All-Star break and led us one game shy of the NBA Finals.




  1. Deé

    January 3, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    Great job Trav and you’re 100% right.

  2. Amani

    January 3, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    Great valid points and perspective in my opinion.

  3. Stephen

    January 3, 2013 at 11:19 pm

    I agree with what you said about putting too much pressure on Avery Bradley, and giving him time. However, I don’t think Blair is the answer. The Celts don’t need another under sized power forward in the rotation. Ainge needs to magically get a talented 7-footer back in a green uniform so KG can move back to his natural power forward position and play the middle when necessary. Big Cuz would be ideal. Nice all around game and KG would make him check that bad attitude of his at the Garden’s door. But I agree that we would have to give up too much to get him. In my opinion, Ed Davis is a good second choice; 6’10” rebounding shot blocker, and Toronto has a surplus of power forwards. Problem is Sullinger is the player that every team would want in return.

  4. jean hackman

    January 4, 2013 at 12:34 am

    like KG said, this is when all the plastic ppl melt, the real fans kno wassup n they stick around and support

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