Celtics On Season High 5 Game Winning Streak; Could It Be Bradley

Updated: January 12, 2013

The Boston Celtics have been on a roll as of late and most people are saying its because of the defense and the others are saying its the offensive boost from the bench. If the playoffs were today the Celtics would be in 7th place which means we would be going up against our rival New York Knicks and as a sports writer for the Celtics I believe they would meet the challenge and knock off the Knicks based off this 5 game winning streak. The Celtics have found their mojo and have been clicking on all cylinders ever since the return of Avery Bradley. With Bradley back the Celtics have finally found the perfect rotation to get things rolling as they have the power from the starting lineup but, also it brings Terry back to the bench where he is comfortable and also brings Lee into the game with his pressure and his offense too. The Celtics are playing like they were in the Eastern Conference Finals last year of late and this is what the Boston fans were waiting for and expecting. The Celtics have beaten the Pacers,Hawks,Knicks,Suns and defeated the Rockets 103-91 on Friday to extend it to 5 wins in a row. The Celtics have turned the intensity up a notch and with Avery Bradley’s one man full court press it doesn’t seem like this will be stopping anytime soon.

Bradley and the Celtics held James Harden to 24 points and didn’t let him go off for 30 or 40 which was a huge thing coming into the game. Doc Rivers wanted the Celtics to take Harden out and make the team beat them which didn’t happen. The Celtics bench has come up huge and it seems that Jeff Green has finally gotten his groove back ever since his big game in NYC against the Knicks Green has been posterizing his opponents and also creating opportunities for himself and his teammates being the player that the Celtics have been dying to see for that $40 million contract. Let’s not forget the rookie who in my eyes has already grown and has surpassed his nervousness Jared Sullinger he has been demanding his position in the post and has also been grabbing rebounds and doing anything Rivers asks him to do. The Celtics will face the Bobcats Monday at home and it seems to me that if the Celtics keep playing at a high level like this that they can go on a huge winning streak for the month of January leading into the month of February but only time will tell and also only the defense will tell and show us where we are heading.



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