Wilder Takes A Step Forward and Khan is back!

Updated: December 17, 2012

IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN)—Former Olympian Deontay Wilder faced another undefeated heavyweight Kelvin Price in a fight that was scheduled to feature Wilder rise to heavyweight contender.  The first round was a feeling process as neither fighter threw significant blows but Price landed three rights to the body but little commitment.

The second round was repeat of the first as neither fighter established anything but in the third round,  Wilder threw a right hand that sent Price down like a sack of potatoes.  Price didn’t beat the count and Wilder showed that he had the one punch that can send any heavyweight down.

The main event featured Carlos Molina and Amir Khan, who looked to come back as a title contender.    Khan began the round with a fast jab and right hand open a cut over Molina’s right eye.   Khan did do something that he didn’t do in previous fight; he moved away after throwing combination.  In the last minute of the second round, Molina finally connected on two solid shots, a left hook and right hand but this paled in comparison to Khan blistering combinations.

Near the end of the third round, Molina had Khan on the rope but Khan fought back with uppercuts and hooks.  Khan continued to use blazing speed to pound Molina in the fourth round, who never seemed to get untracked as blood once again began to flow for those combinations.

Khan continued his assault through the sixth and seventh round; Molina failure to cut off the ring allowed Khan not only to escape pressure but also permitted Khan to throw combinations.  Molina showed the ability to take a punch but no the ability to hurt

By the end of the ninth round, it was self-evident that Molina’s corner was ready to pull the plug on this fight as their fighter courage could not make up for the superior hand speed of Khan.  As Molina fought throughout the tenth, his corner decided unless a miracle happen, this was it.  When Molina return to the corner at the end of the tenth; his corner said “No mas” and decided to end a one sided affair to protect their fighter for another day. As for Khan, he won an impressive victory as he snapped a two fight losing streak.  This fight saved Khan’s Career and allowed him to fight another day for another big pay day.

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