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Updated: December 1, 2012

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN) Over the past 60 years 40 teams have changed cities, logos, and names causing a crazy maze quilt pattern of sports history. American cities have been held hostage to the demands of teams and their billionaire owner’s. These owners and teams want new state of the art arenas and stadiums. The City of Oakland, California could be the latest casualty and lose all three of their professional sports teams if they refuse to cave into these selfish and self centered demands.

At the same time cities like Oakland are in need of jobs, public housing, an upgraded transit system, and modern infrastructure. Sports franchises must begin to take these issues into account when they are thinking about re-locating.

The National Hockey League (NHL) have the best record with teams moving and changing their name, colors, and logs. All but one team have done so except The Calgary Flames.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has the most number of teams that have moved and are the least number of teams that have changed their names.

The National Football League (NFL) has the 2nd worst record of teams moving and keeping their names. Only The Washington Football Club (needs another name change), the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, and Kansas City Chiefs have changed their name and logo.

Major League Baseball (MLB) also has an issue with The Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, and Milwaukee Brewers changing. While the Oakland A’s, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Atlanta Braves, have not.

Baseball, football, and basketball have two cities that have lost two teams in the same sport. This should not be accepted.

The owner of any professional sports team may have the right to move his/her team to whatever city he/she wishes but the owner might want to forgo the name and mascot of that team when moving. The name may be very silly and misplaced in their new residence. The sports industry must begin to take this issue seriously when re-locating sports franchises. The most outlandish names to date are the Utah Jazz-NBA, Calgary Flames-NHL, Arizona Cardinals-NFL, and the Los Angeles Dodgers-MLB. These names are all misplaced and need to change.

Citizens and sports fans are tired of their city services being cut. Sports fans and citizens are forced to support new expensive ball parks, stadiums, and underachieving teams. Sports venues they can’t even enter because the tickets prices are too prohibitive. If you are an owner and can afford a team then you should be able to build your own arena, ballpark, or stadium. The owners should be sensitive to the area to which they are relocating their franchises and the name of the team should reflect the region.  Cities can build these monster ballparks but these same cities can’t build a decent transportation system, low income housing, or create jobs.

A classic example was New York City. Read fellow BASN writer, Diane M. Grassi, and her article series titled, MLB Goes to Harlem Seeking Welfare, This is right up Mitt Romney’s alley. Ms. Grassi details the implications of New York City building two stadiums, one for the Mets and one for the Yankees at the same time while displacing historic ethnic neighborhoods in the Bronx, and Queens, Boroughs of New York City.


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