John Elway, Mitt Romney, Peyton Manning and PaPa John . . . .

Updated: December 2, 2012

DENVER, CO.—(BASN)–I’ve got to wonder, out-loud if you will,  if Peyton Manning, who reportedly dropped a few grand, around five, in Mitt Romney’s pocket towards his failed-bid to occupy the Oval Office – does the NFL’s Unofficial All-American Posterboy support PaPa John’s CEO Joe Schnatter, who recently released a statement, that in essence said the Affordable Care Act may prompt the pizza chain to raise prices and cut employees’ hours in order to keep them from qualifying for health care.

That says it all . . . .

Will Peyton Manning, who I deem the league’s best overall “Signal Caller” of his era, continue to be apart of PaPa John’s national advertising campaign? A calculated campaign to win the  hearts, minds, stomachs and cold cash of pizza eaters from Austin to Boston, LA to Tampa Bay.

It seems if Manning continues to break-bread and “do business” with an disconnected, arrogant Wall Street aristocrat like Joe Schnatter – it can only send a clear, obvious message to at least the 47% of Americans Mr. Schnatter’s obviously devalues, not-to-mention another 45% or so who aren’t extremely wealthy like Romney or Manning – who I can guarantee you never buy a PapPa Johns Pizza pie – and do fit the demographics  of everyday Americans who might purchase low-rent PaPa Johns.

And actually, “doing business” fails to accurately describe Mannings “relationship” with Schnatter . . . Manning in mid November purchased. was rewarded with 21 Papa Johns outlets across Colorado, Manning summed it up with this;”It’s a smart investment now and will be long after I’m done playing football,” Manning said.

So maybe the real question here is; does Manning not care if his business endorsements and holdings are with angry, old, White fat-cats who’ve, for all intentional purposes, with their underwriting of the Romney campaign . . declared war on the “Left-half” of the nation . . . ?

You may not dig this, but dig this . . . current Bronco GM, former Super Bowl winning QB and eternal  NFL Hall Of Famer John Elway didn’t care, that’s why he openly, publicly endorsed and raised funds for Romney.

Ponder this point; perhaps Elway figured half-crazed, fanatical Bronco fans were blind to the front-page headlines and the editorial section of the papers.  Or might it be his political beliefs were so-strong, he felt compelled to step-out and back Romney . . . Maybe Elway, like Peyton Manning thinks “the sky is falling” since President Obama was “installed’ by folks not qualified to vote.

I’m sorry but there’re fans/consumers who might not purchase Bronco tickets, tee- shirts, caps nor underwear precisely because Elway and Manning predictably and logically  backed a candidate and political movement which is clearly indifferent if not hostile to the issues and concerns of  well-over half the nation, and . . . everybody who aint White and to the ‘Far Right.’

Are Manning and Elway indifferent, if not hostile to the issues and concerns of  . . . everybody who ain’t White, and to the far-Right?

Is that too-much info to ask of heroes?

I’d submit that’s a relevant question to ask of men who’re supposedly role-models we want our sons to grow up to be like, and our little girls to marry . . . and without question as a parent you don’t want to underwrite a celebrity who’s lent his fame n’ fortunes to a group of men who’d rather build prisons then pre-schools, now would you?


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