Rivalry? What Rivalry? Nets Win Game One

Updated: November 27, 2012

BROOKLYN,NY – It was supposed to kickoff the NBA 2012-13 season, but Hurricane Sandy had a lot to say about it. But, now the fans and media will finally have their own say after the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks get it going on the hardwood of the Barclay Center. The original game was scheduled for November 1st; but with Mass transit and police having other things to tend to, it made perfect since to delay and or postpone the game.
The delayed game shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of luster to the contest. After all and not too surprisingly both teams are doing quite well for themselves in first (Knicks) and second (Nets) place respectively in the loaded Atlantic Division. And there is still a point to settle in bragging rights in and for the city. Brooklyn versus Manhattan, if done correctly can bring back some nostalgia of the Dodgers at Ebbets Field and the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. New York, the city, is a basketball crazed town (sports in general, see 24 hour sports radio stations that stay busy) with loads of pockets within the neighborhoods that brag on who’s the best at the game that Dr. James Naismith invented.
But as Nets Coach Avery Johnson put it, “Again, every time some sort of Knick contingency started to cheer, our fans got louder and this is what we have been dreaming about since I have been here. It is a nice feeling and I am glad we rewarded our fans with a victory, they deserved it.”
The Knicks to a man have not deemed this (out in the open) as a must win. In fact, most players aren’t even buying into the whole rivalry theory. Some, if not most state that they haven’t played any meaningful games as of yet to make it a rivalry just yet. Most players state that the newness of Brooklyn, the arena and revamped team and the oldness of Madison Square Garden as factors of these two teams not having history.


The Nets prevailed over the Knicks in overtime, 96-89. The game was a Playoff type of atmosphere as no team was able to put together enough of a run to build a double-digit lead at any point in the game. But, as Knicks Coach Mike Woodson said, “Fatigue set in. Our starting unit put in a lot of minutes. Brooklyn’s starters played a lot of minutes also, but they had a little more energy.”
The stage was set for a great game and neither team disappointed. But teams were well coached and defense is a main strong suit for both. “It was cool,” Nets guard Joe Johnson said, “I definitely enjoyed it. I’m just glad we got the win. This is what the fans live for; everybody wanted to see this game, Nets versus Knicks.”
Buckle up New York, this is going to be one ride for the ages.
Jerald L. Hoover
Game Notes:

Nets extended their home winning streak to six games, the first such streak since 12/5/03 to 12/23/03. That was the Jason Kidd era. The Nets are now 7-1 at home. Knick forward, Carmelo Anthony had a game high 35 points and 13 rebounds while center Tyson Chandler had 28 points and 10 boards. The Nets were led by center Brook Lopez who had 22 points and 11 rebounds.

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