RGIII; Young, Gifted and Black

Updated: November 21, 2012

DENVER, CO. (BASN)—Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskin’s Quarterback,  is demonstrating what a Black Field General is capable of  . . . given stability. love, a traditional family structure which promotes and enables discipline and organization to be the cornerstones of a great childhood . . . I can’t imagine this is the environment, the climate the Ronald “666” Ray-Gun disciples who comprise the today’s ultra-conservative Republican TEA Party desires.

RGIII; young, gifted and Black.

Educated, enlightened, well-traveled and schooled. “Popped” on his behind when he did bad, “patted on the head” when he did Right by his parents. Is there any question if more Afro-American children were born to two-parent homes, both mom n’ dad gainfully employed, committed to their children – we’d see more young men like RGIII?

And no-doubt we’d see less like TI, TO, Ocho  and Chris Brown, . . . go on-down the dirty-laundry-list of lost Black men which President Obama constantly eludes-to and Bill Cosby chastises and scolds – hurts their full grown man-cub feelings.

Griffin represents the Black man, an Alpha-Male . .  who does not know the place history and current circumstances assigned him – his academic achievements, so-far and the gridiron platitudes he’s amassed, so-far, well-beyond what the everyday Black kids accomplishes today – and there’s no question about that; he’s not dead, in jail, strung-out or working for semi-slave wages, nor is he mass-producing  babies like the Ford makes cars . . .

The RGIII model is the true, legit  “threat” to good ol’ aristocrats like Rush Limbaugh,  Pat Buchanan and the rank n’ file  angry, paranoid Conservative (sexist/racist/elitist) white men and their stranglehold on the ever-elusive American Dream, need I say not Fif-tee.Cent.

Let’s not pull any smokin’ Joe punches here; On paper  RGIII is plain smarter than Vince Young or Quincy Carter, he’s highly-trained and better-equipped to understand and strategically dissect complicated NFL’ defenses designed to stop him. His diverse global education, as opposed to the Chicago Public School system mis-education . . . his overall socialization has crafted him into a young man VY can’t understand nor appreciate, let alone imitate and emulate.

He appears to be intellectually curious, and that alone speaks World Book Encyclopedia volumes about his family life.

You want it straight, no chaser? RGIII’s  more comfortable with n’ around White folks, and that matters. look at it like an Indian coming off the isolated n’ insulated rural reservation. What do you think da’ hood is in any and every city?

Dig this; he know’s how to deal with “them . . .”  Yes, that’s what “we” say behind closed doors, no? RGIII  understands the traps and set-ups as well as the innuendos and veiled slights when they’re leveled at him, some don’t.

McNabb didn’t.

RGIII’s been culturalized differently; he does not reflect nor embody the ghettoization, thugarazation . . ,. and thus tragically the Niggerazation we’ve seen traditional Black American culture impacted by – yeah I said, and I mean it. Black America, not all, on a whole – we’re sending our kids into a geography test without a map, into a conference room without the ability to read . . ., but they can rap.

75% of all Black babies – born to single, unwed, marginally educated young women, with no responsible, hard-working Black man in site. That statistical nightmarish fact underscores all that is wrong with Black America. It’s the alpha n’ the omega of it all, our houses can’t stand because the foundation, the cornerstones are weak n’ broken.

It’s as if you n’ I are walking along by the river, all of a sudden we hear a baby crying. . . and it’s coming from the water, we look and see a baby floating down the river in some makeshift device . . .   Of course we leap-into the water to save the child, and as we accomplish just that, we hear yet another baby screaming, so we repeat the gesture, and as we place the second baby on the shore we here a third, then fourth and a fifth – at some point, one of us has got to stop rescuing babies and find out who in the hell is placing these lives in harms way . . . ?

We are.

We Black folks are placing young Black souls in jeopardy every day, by willingly, knowingly bringing them into a hard, cold, racist, sexist and elitist environment, without the proper tools, skills and support system.

They’re consistently and constantly  going against all the odd’s . . .  and losing.  

RGIII is tragically, horrifically the exception to the rule.

Griffin’s an example of what a well-educated, well-rounded Ebony NFL Signal Caller, raised by a traditional mom n’ pops  is capable of . . .   everything damn-thing a White QB is, and apparently much more.

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  1. krush

    November 26, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    with all that……..he is engaged to a white girl………..threat level ?……0

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