Mares Win a Brutal Fight

Updated: November 16, 2012

IOWA CITY, IOWA—(BASN)->–Alfredo Angulo spent seven months in an ICE deportment stations because he over stay a green visa despite having no criminal record. Now Angulo was ready to kick ass and use Casarez as his personal punching bag. Casarez went for broke as he sat on Angulo chest and began pounding but this proved to be disastrous. Casarez hard punches did little to discourage Angulo and as Carerez threw one big haymaker left hook, Angulo landed a short left hook that reached Casarez first. Casarez face turned 180 degrees and went down for good. Victor Zaleta faced Leo Santa Cruz for Cruz bantamweight title. Cruz landed the first big blow when with a right hand forcing Zaleta to retreat but Zaleta managed to fight off the rope. Cruz landed some nasty body blows but Zaleta threw some inside shots of his own include uppercuts. The second round provided an entertaining bout as both fighters landed some heavy blows but Zaleta punches did not have the same force as Cruz and Cruz left hook were the most prominent punches.

In the fourth round, Cruz right hands hurt Zaleta and Zaleta retreated while attempting to fight back. Near the end of the fourth round, a vicious Cruz left hook sent Zaleta down, but the bell saved him and allowed him to survive to fight the fifth round. Zaleta managed stay in the fight but Cruz body shots started to wear the brave challenger. Halfway through the fight, both fighters threw over 1000 punches with two thirds being delivered by Cruz. With minute left in the seventh round, another Cruz body shot sent Zaleta down but once again, Zaleta managed to survive over the final fifty seconds. But in the ninth round, Zaleta did not survive his third knockdown as a Cruz right hand stopped him. After nine rounds, both fighters threw nearly 1500 punches and Cruz connected on 41% of punches and showed both power and endurance. His weakness as Showtime announcers noted was his failure to cut off the ring. Cruz allowed at times Zaleta to escape but he is one of boxing most vicious body shots.

Abner Mares and Anselmo Moreno were two of the best fighters in the bantamweight and super bantamweights and they faced each other in a classic boxer vs. slugger. Mares tried to get inside against the slick boxing Moreno, whose movement seemed to frustrate Mares over the first five minutes. However over the last sixty seconds, Mares landed some good body shots and threw a right hand for the best punch of the round. In the fifth round, Mares threw another right that threw sweat off Moreno’s head. The fifth round saw Mares attack and attack as he threw punches after punches as Moreno tried to move out of harms’ way. Mares nailed Moreno with a right, followed by left hook and another right that went Moreno down for eight count. This assault continued into the sixth round as Mares nailed Moreno with four big right hands and Mares kept his opponent on the rope and on the defense. Moreno did not counter effectively and had trouble with Mares’ awkward style.
Moreno started out fast in the seventh round with several counter combinations and for the first time, he started to get some rhythm. By the halfway point of the round, Mares attacking style changed the pace of the round as he threw wild punches that connected. In the eighth round, Mares started the round with nasty rights after rights but halfway through the round, Moreno nailed Mares with a combination and started to tattooed Mares. Mares got tagged by Moreno left hand and Mares kept his hands low in an effort to counter Moreno with a big right. After a ten punches reigned on Mares, Mares connected on a right hand that sent Moreno reeling.
During the championship rounds and starting in the eleventh round, both fighters nailed each other with big shots. In a key moment, Moreno was penalized a point for a foul but at the end of the round, Moreno landed a right hand hook that stunned Mares to take control of the round. Going in the last round, Mares had thrown 100 more punches but Moreno landed as many punches. Moreno found a home for his straight left, but Mares connected with a few rights. Mares was the aggressor of the fight and connected on solid rights but over the second half of the fight, Moreno proved the more accurate punches and even stunned Mares on couple of time.
Abner Mares won the fight 116-110, 116-110 and 120-106 but the 120-106 did not reflect what happened in the ring as Moreno fought a much closer fight. 116-110 could be defeated since it was easily possible give Abner eight rounds. For Mares, this opens the door for bigger fights and as for Moreno, he is still a champion at bantam weight and there is a possible date with Cruz for who is the master of the 118 pounds.

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