“Everything Is A Go” The Emergence of Jeff Green

Updated: November 19, 2012

BOSTON, M.A. (BASN)-–Coming into the season Jeff Green had resigned with the Celtics for 40 million dollars after his fallback in the lockout season because of his heart condition which the Celtics medical staff had picked up on it right before the lockout season. When people labeled Green has the replacement for the aging Paul Pierce it seemed as if Green’s playing time and drive had gone missing. Green has a lot of promise and coming into the 2012-2013 season Celtics fans have had a lot of high expectations for him especially after that contract he signed in the summer. Green has grown into a smarter and wiser player and you can notice it in his game because, in the preseason he came out very agressive and was scoring at will against numerous teams. The start of the regular season a lot of people have been questioning his play with the limited minutes that he has been given by Doc Rivers because, he lost the aggressiveness that he showed in the preseason. Just like any other sport it just takes one special play or moment to spark something that can evolve into something that will become greater. Jeff Green had that moment on Wednesday night against the Utah Jazz when he did a pump fake that gave him a direct path to the basket where Al Jefferson was awaiting him. Green jumped into the air and dunked on Al Jefferson and starred him down to basically say I’m back and ready to play hard. For a split second after Green got the technical foul I forgot that he has overcame a lot of things with the heart issue and his doubters and that moment right there energized his play and the play of his teammates.

That dunk on Al Jefferson was just a testimony to his recovery and his drive to try to come back strong. Jeff Green has what it takes to bring his game to the next level he can score,rebound,defend and has great basketball IQ. The skys the limit for Green and he can bring the Celtics a great threat for the second unit, yeah sometimes he has trouble making decisions on if he should shoot or not but at the end of the day he brings what the Celtics need and thats a talented small forward that can stretch the floor and give Paul Pierce a blow when he needs it. Jeff Green is apart of the Celtics future but they would love for him to start showing his talents in the present and after that dunk things turned around as he has played a lot more aggressive against the Bulls and Nets this week. With Jeff and Rondo going to be around for a while Celtics look to be in a good position heading into the future. Jeff Green is an example that if you apply yourself and stick with your dreams then you can reach your goals in life.

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