Why Did CU Have So-Very Little Patience With Jon Embree?

Updated: November 28, 2012

DENVER CO.—(BASN) The University Of Colorado . . .  at  Planet Boulder, the Rocky Mountain capital of Flower Children Liberalism has dismissed the first Afro-American head coach of the football program, home-grown Jon Embree . . .  after only his second dismal season. Gee, it appears the CU grand pooh-bahs didn’t have nearly the patience, tolerance, sympathetic and blind-faith for Embree as they did the cat before him, Dan Hawkins, or before him, or before him, or before him . . . .

Now here’s what we, the football fan who happens to be an American-of-Color, or at least an individual not oblivious to the obvious  dominating historical role of skin-color in all meaningful aspects of life in America . . . are to think;  merely because Embree was the first Black head coach at CU, doesn’t mean racism, in the form of discrimination and exclusion was taking place –  it simply means the “good White folks” up in Boulder heading up the athletic program and the University on a whole . . .  just couldn’t find any Blacks who were good enough or qualified . . . .

I’m sorry, that’s a very-large  marble-size suppository to take, lubricant, re-positioning and all . . .
Jon Embree’s hiring  was a “token gesture,”  a “bone” thrown to the those   who contended Embree could assemble a staff cable of “talking-to the animals,” “speaking the tongue of the inner-city” kids required, mandated to win in big-time collegiate football, who may be, like Comanche or Apache Braves, capable of making the transition from the “urban reservation” to the Carlisle School for Injunes . The thought/hope was he could recruit and then communicate and motivate Black players.

The argument is he wasn’t given enough time to transform the program, and that is an inescapable fact.

My question is “why?”

And my thought is; let’s not eliminate the undeniable and indisputable fact that in a nation which is clearly, obviously racially divided, with the vast majority of White folks having a laundry-list of problems, grievances, complaints and issues with Blacks, Latinos, Asians, i.e., most Americans -of-Color, how can any conversation/debate tied to Embree’s tenure at CU be had  if White guys are permitted to mandate “race” be taken off the table?


Jon Embree didn’t get a  fair-chance to reconstruct a football program from the ground-up, and to-some varying degree or extent race played a role in the minds of the CU powers that be. Embree went 4-21 in two seasons in Boulder, including 1-11 this season,worst in the 123-year history of the program. The Buffaloes were 1-8 in the Pac-12. A season from hell in-which the Buffaloes had just eight seniors. played musical chairs at the Signal Caller position and endured an injury epidemic.

I’d suggest Embree was “expendable” in-part because  being Black translates into what we see with the treatment the President, his wife, the First Lady and the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice by the entrenched Euro-American establishment (Good Ol Boy network) – the disdain, the malice, the unseen before absence-of the age-old  etiquette of diplomacy, the accepted,  established, customary code-of- polite behavior, the rejection of all traditional protocol.

Embree, when asked about the uniqueness of being a Black head coach “’You know we don’t get opportunities.’ At the end of the day, you’re fired and that’s it. Right, wrong or indifferent. Tyrone Willingham was the only one who got fired and got hired again. We get bad jobs and no time to fix them.”

Dan Hawkins, Embree’s predecessor  was given, or rather  rewarded-with over 5 seasons to drag the college down to unprecedented levels – 4 straight losing seasons,  12 straight Big 12 road losses (2-17 in conference road games)  17 straight losses outside the state of Colorado (2-24 outside the state under Hawkins) and  20 games under .500 following loss to Kansas (19-39)

2 seasons, that’s what Embree was “given” by a University President who is a Republican activist . . . , a colleague-of and fundraiser-for both George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, so I don’t have to speculate on how CU President Bruce Benson views President Obama, his administration and the folks who supported and placed him the Oval Office . . . . Is that safe to say?

I wonder what Benson’s opinions are related-to the severe lack-of Black head coaches in both the NCAA and the NFL?

I wonder what Benson would say are the reasons why this nation has never had a Black President, . . .

Or  what role angry White male resentment, paranoia and hatred plays in the unquestionable hostility we hear peculating out of the Right, if any? Mr Benson; Why do Americans want to secede, leave the union because of the election of President Obama . . . “ I’d love to hear Benson “elaborate” on that issue to a group of Republican TEA Party fatcats.

See, I’m both amazed n’ mystified by the rare-ability of Conservatives to turn-off, and turn-on their dislike, disrespect and contempt for Black people.

How do they pick the few, the Hobbit’s handful of Black folks, the “good ones” who voted for Romney . . . , from the millions upon millions of bad ones who backed Obama?

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