Browns are 2-7 with rookie QB and RB

Updated: November 10, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)–-The Cleveland Browns became only the fourth team in NFL history in 44 years to start a rookie quarterback-Brendon Weeden (the No.22 overall draft pick) and a rookie running back, Alabama’s Trent Richardson (the No.3 overall pick) to begin the season.

The first time a rookie QB-RB combination, in fact, occurred in the NFL was in 1968, when the Cincinnati Bengals started QB Dewey Warren and RB Paul Robinson, who together produced an unimpressive 0-7 record.

The Browns’ Weeden-Richardson combo has already produced two more victories than Warren and Robinson did in 1968 so far this season, which included a big win against the San Diego Chargers during week 7.

Despite the Browns’ sluggish (2-7) start, they should know that in 1969, just one year later, after the Bengals’ rookie experiment, the Dallas Cowboys tried it and started out  5-2 with a young rookie quarterback named Roger Starbauch under center and a fresh faced Calvin Hill in the backfield.

Surprisingly, Starbauch and Hill eventually won a Super Bowl together after only three years  in 1972 against the Miami Dolphins, 24 to 3 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This should, in effect, give Weeden and Richardson a little inspiration, while playing in the tough AFC North .

Some NFL scouts, however, feel the Browns’ don’t represent a true all-rookie backfield, due to the fact that, Weeden is a mature 28 years old rookie.

Stat wise, after eight games, he has thrown for over 2,000 yards, completing 185 passes out of 336 attempts with 9 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

His team mate, Trent Richardson, on the other hand, has been considered a leading candidate for NFL rookie of the year.

And if Richardson duplicates his mid-season stats of  152 rushes for 575 yards and five touchdowns, this could become a reality for the talented running back.

Last Sunday, however, during their contest with the Baltimore Ravens, Weeden and Richardson faced the most successful rookie QB-RB combination in the NFL, in Joe Flacco and Ray Rice, who started their careers together at 10-5.

Since 2008, Flacco and Rice, in fact, have went on to have a 45-20 record together.

Plus, after the 25-15 win against the Browns, Flacco is now 10-0 versus Cleveland.

Weeden and Richardson, however, we try to rebound from the tough loss against the Ravens this week as the Browns take on the Dallas Cowboys.

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