Am I my brother’s Keeper? Twitting the truth

Updated: November 27, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—Am I my brother’s keeper?

I’ll ask the question again, as if it was Nino Brown talking to Gee-Money in the movie New Jack City starring Wesley Snipes and Allen Payne .

Am I my brother’s keeper?

This is what Marcus Vick probably was thinking while he was tweeting and watching Monday Night Football during the first half of the New Orleans -Philadelphia Eagles game.

But when he started tweeting, all hell broke loose.

Because, unfortunately, in America, speech is free.

But, sometimes you have to pay for it.

And Marcus is paying dearly for it after tweeting this:

Not surprisingly, after Marcus’s twitter rant was sent out for the entire universe to read, instantly people started calling him stupid,clueless, and a thug.

Plus, they began to slam him for his checkered pass and criminal charges, which involved alleged sex with a minor, possession of marijuana,brandishing a firearm, DUI, fraud, driving on the wrong side of a street, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and several probation violations.

But despite the harsh criticism toward Marcus, and all the hateful words, no one could deny the truth that he had twitted.

Why? Because he was watching his brother (Michael Vick) getting battered and bruise on national television not as a fan but as his brother.

Marcus revealed this in one of his tweets:

I love my brother and it’s hard as hell to watch him taking all those shots, but I’m sorry if i offended anyone and definitely didn’t mean….

I don’t want to see brother with brain problems by time he 45.

Honestly, what’s wrong with what Marcus tweeted.

Yeah, I know it was stupid to tweet it.

But he was being truthful.

Vick, in fact, proved what Thomas Paine said, “He who dares not offend cannot be honest.”

Besides, who cares what everybody else thinks.

Blood is thicker than water.


Plus, Marcus knows that there is NO BROTHERLY LOVE IN PHILADELPHIA.

Therefore, his tweets were relevant.

Why? Because, according to ex-Philadelphia Eagles QB Ron Jaworski, Michael Vick had been knocked to the ground roughly 103 times in six games prior to the MNF  game against the  New Orleans Saints in week 8. Matter of fact, Jaws’ counted that he had been hit an additional 44 times without being knocked down as well. Plus, he got knocked down 18 times against the Detriot Lions.

Now, those are some distrubing stats.

So, therefore, Marcus Vick was right.

The Eagles’ offensive line are really horrible and his brother was getting hit too many times.

Why? Because, his brother’s pain was his pain.

And psychologically, every time his brother got sacked, he got sacked.

Plus, with Vick being hit so many times, I think it had started to affected his psyche.

For instance, last season, on an average, Vick was hit five times per game. This year, it is up to eight times a game.

He, in my opinion, is experiencing a little “shell shock” in the pocket.

This,of course, has been intensified with an offensive line, who are suspect just as Marcus had tweeted.

In effect, Vick has become a human turnover machine this season, whether it’s fumbles or interceptions.

This inability to feel comfortable in the pocket has also produced a 77.7 % passer rating, which ranks 27th in the league.

So, as any other little brother would’ve done, Marcus tried to protect him, especially when it seemed as if  his offensive line couldn’t.

I know Marcus’s twits were based off of emotion not reason.

But really, they were done out of love.

True, brotherly love.

And despite losing his privilege to his twitter account and possibly getting chastised by his big brother, shockingly, the very next game against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, midway through the second quarter, he was sacked and suffered a concussion after being hit by Dallas’ Jay Ratliff and eventually Ernie Sims when his head snapped back and his helmet hit the turf.

And even though the pain looks poetic from a distance, Marcus Vick may get his wish.

Why? Because, his brother may get traded after all.

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