The Big Red Machine of Big Ten Sports

Updated: November 23, 2012
NEW JERSEY (BASN)-–Turned down the Ivy League. Turned down the Big East initially. And then Rutgers finally got an Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti who got in right and now the sports future of Rutgers is well positioned. They have moved from the Big East to the Big Ten, the best Conference in college sports withe the best network.
Rutgers joined Maryland in the move this week, but Rutgers was well within the discussion when the Big Ten recently took Nebraska. The timing was just wrong.
This time the timing was perfect.
Maryland was fed up with the ACC and ready to leave. Rutgers was on a sinking ship in the Big East and let’s not forget that Rutgers, at the time of the decision owned a 9-1 record in football and a lofty no. 18 ranking nationally.
 They have academic credibility and boast among the best Philosophy, English and Chemistry Departments nationally.
 They also have a 91% football graduation rate.
 What will the move do to other sports at Rutgers. Well men’s basketball may take an initial hit as the recruiting focus is local and local kids would rather play the likes of Villanova,St. John’s and Seton Hall and have a chance to play at The Garden.
 Women’s basketball can not compete for a Conference championship as Connecticut is no longer a factor, still being in the Big East.And head coach Vivian Stringer has already won a Big Ten Championship when she was the head coach at Iowa.
 Football is the big winner. Coach Kyle Flood will be able to keep most local kids at home, a trend started by Greg Schiano who is now the coach of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers.
 Don Bosco is one of the top football high schools in the country and Flood has a very good relationship with them. Even better than Schiano.
Rutgers and its football team are the big winners.
 Lots of college sports expansion has taken place in the past year. Rutgers is the big winner.

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