Are the Celtics the “New” over the Hill gang

Updated: November 5, 2012

BOSTON, M.A. (BASN)—The Boston Celtics are only three games into the season and it seems as if Boston is already panicking about our new look Celtics. Boston is the “City of Champions” and we always find a way to make it to the playoffs no matter what. The Celtics are only (1-2) it’s too early to start questioning Doc’s coaching habits because, Doc is still trying to figure out his starters from his bench players. The Celtics went into South Beach and lost to the Miami Heat in a game that was never close as the Heat showed that they are still the champs and can out run a team with turnovers that lead to easy buckets.I feel a lot of people aren’t giving the Celtics squad some credit for all their changes that they made and are so quick to throw in the towel and blame the wrong people as we still have 79 games left. The teams that we have lost too so far which is the Heat and Bucks they both have their same teams from last year and didn’t make any new additions that would affect their starting line ups.

Bring them back to life….

Doc Rivers said “This season we will be switching up the roster about 3-4 times, we are still trying to find our identity with the new additions”. Doc hit it right on the head with that quote because, the Celtics have new pieces that need to know what their roles are on the team. Being in the garden for the home opener a lot of the fans were booing the Celtics and very disappointed in the lack of defense and offense shown as Brandon Jennings was slicing and dicing the Celtics up the whole game. This year the Celtics will take some time to gel together on the defense because, most of our new additions that we have picked up this offseason were offensively good which isn’t bad but, this ain’t the NFL. In the NFL outscoring your team can get you the win but, in basketball defense wins championships you need stops and also you need chemistry and with that being said they both take time and patience.

Even though the Celtics left Washington with their first win of the season you can’t be too pleased because, they won by three points against a team that didn’t even have John Wall playing which is scary. The Celtics have a culture of playing good defense and hustling to get every loose ball that hits the ground and as soon as they find that this Celtics team will be a very tough team to beat. Kevin Garnett is the defensive coach on the court as KG makes sure everyone is in their proper defensive spots and the team will go as far as KG’s defense brings them this season. The Celtics are still missing Avery Bradley who is a very good lock down perimeter defender who can guard the other teams hot hand so Celtics fans have to just be patient which they never are. Boston as a city has been spoiled with winning seasons so the city wants to continue to see that and with this years Celtics team the skys the limit.

The panic button shouldn’t be a factor this early as the Celtics are a veteran team that always has an okay regular season but, turn the switch on when the playoffs start up. The only reason they do that is because, of the mileage on Pierce and Garnett’s legs. This years team will have growing pains as we have three rookies on the roster Sullinger who made his first start last night against and Kris Joseph, Fab Melo who are still learning the system and getting very limited time. Celtics are stacked with talent this season with Jeff Green,Courtney Lee, and Jason Terry added to the mix things are looking up but, I’m stilling waiting for Jason Terry to have his break out game and prove that picking him up as Ray Allen’s replacement was worth while. Jason Terry has scored 26 points in his first three games as a Celtic so he has the most pressure I believe to make an impact because, of what happened with Allen’s departure and with him guaranteeing that the Celtics will win the championship also adds the pressure. Overall this years Celtics team is in Rondo’s hands as Doc,Pierce and KG have all acknowledged that and we will go where he takes us and which is double-double of 12 points and 12 assists is what we would need from him every night to succeed this year. When Rondo plays aggressive like we know he can it’s scary because, you don’t know if he is going to beat you scoring or passing or he can even do both. Rondo has grown as a person and also as a player and has that chip on his shoulder this season and is playing like he has something to prove to the world.

Don’t panic with this team yet because, Doc is still learning what people are capable of bringing to the team and also is still trying to gel them together chemistry wise. The Celtics play the Wizards on wednesday at home and have to take care of business again if they don’t want the people of Boston to start booing them again. The Celtics lost to the Bucks at home because of lack of defense and execution on the offensive end and it has a little to do with that they didn’t take the Bucks serious in my opinion. The Celtics won’t gain too much respect beating on a Wizards team that is lacking John Wall so their real test if they are the real deal will be when they visit the Bulls on November 12th.

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