Straight No Chaser: Can America be cured of its Blind Hatred , , , ?

By Desi Cortez BASN staff writer
Updated: October 11, 2012
DENVER, CO.–-I seldom feel the need to share . . . however let me be honest, selfishly honest, because I’m crossing my toes n’ testicles in hope by confessing my ills n’ woes, by walking through bits n’ pieces of my, let’s say disillusioned state-of -mind, and the god’s willing, perhaps I’ll be able to move on I’ve struggled over the last 6 months or so to understand “why” I write, why I worked behind a mic in talk radio, why I was a student activist . . . my conclusion – to assist in furthering the conversation, to help enlighten us, the dumb-ass masses, to present a different perspective – I’ve pondered if my humble attempt to offer-up an ignored and slighted-side of the sports news from my vantage-point, as a Black man; sports centered stories which cross over into “mainstream news,” and ought be on the “news page” – can I have any real impact on a US population which appears so-bitterly divided along the lines-of-color. On some days, I’ve lost not my internal fire – but my belief in human-kind. I don’t believe, that in my grand children’s time, nor even their grand children’s world, this nation, if still a nation by then will come to grips with the issue of race. Gender perhaps, to a degree, but skin color . . . no. I gave up on greed a long time ago; unquestionably I dwell in a nation where money is God and God is money. The O-Jays “For the love of money” ought to replace “God Bless America.” I don’t believe, after half-a–century on this rock – that an significant portion, a clear majority, 60% to 75% of Americans of European decent will ever be able to shead the animosity, contempt, hostility nor the feelings of inherent superiority coupled with the inherent inferiority of Blacks, Native Americans, Latinos an Asians. Now note, I say this with all sincerity, I’m not just throwing-out words. Granted, sure there’s about an quarter -25% to say an third, 33% of White America which can play nicely with others on the playground-of-life – but the overwhelming, sweeping isolated and insulated majority would, if they had their druthers not mix n’ mingle with the mongrel help. How do you change such racist and elitist mind-set? How does a nation legislate morality to a slight (and ever-slipping) WASP majority comprised of individual, institutions and organizations who long for yesteryear, 1953 when everybody understand their place. A thought; Dice up the country, create exclusive Homeland States for each race? No state taxes, free medical care, free college? Indians get the Dakotas, Rednecks the Carolina’s and Virgina’s, Mexicans get Arizona and New Mexico? Blacks get one of the northern original 13 colonies for those who’ve embraced the Nordic climate . . . and one of the sites below the Mason Dixon Line . Hippies and Flower children get Oregen. Asians get Hawaii and Alaska and Caly, Texas and New York remain the same – open to all. Just a thought, release some of this pressure, give the segregationist extremist on all sides, in all tribes – an viable option.
No, I’ve know this nation had tons of unresolved issues surrounding race, and that the “progress” America had achieved in race relations was one where white America seems to have compromised . . .only because they had to. It was the ballot or the Bullet . . . and the world was watching. It seems quite clear most of white Americans have had to be dragged, kickin’ n’ screamin into the land of Diversity and equality . . . and regardless of the last quarter century of make believe integration – most of White America is not comfortable with Black folks doing much outside of taking orders from White folks . . .no?
Now today, with the President’s election, and the reaction of “the Right,” has erased all questions and doubts about White America’s disdain for Black people. The formation of the New Klan, Klan lite – the New Republican Tea Party has been so over-the-top; the calling of the President a “liar” by a Confederate Senator from the not-so great state of South Carolina, the charge Obama’s heading up a gangster government, the typical comments about “playing basketball,” being the “Food Stamp President,” and the “educators” across America who obliged parents who didn’t want their kids to be forced to watch “that man” deliver a presidential address to students across the land – because the president is an Uppity Black/pinko-commie militant/Marxist. The Donald Trump championed charge that the President was an illegitimate nigger. “Show me your papers boy!” . . . we all got the PowerPoint; do all which has been ask of you by mainstream America (White Folks), and at the end of the day, even if you’re an Ivy league professor/statesmen/husband/
father, let you save hostages, slay global terrorist, walk with the victims of mother nature . . . and still you’re no more than an arrogant Jungle Bunny who does not know your place . . . . President Obama’s wife, mother-in-law and little girls receive personalized, hand written “die nigger bitch die” love letters by angry “real Americans” while the President’s African aunts and uncles in Africa, upon the demise of Bin-Laden . . . are being threatened by the Taliban . . . ain’t that a bitch? Catching hell from both sides. The demeaning of the First Lady by the Right, the depicting her as an ape, couple that along with the disrespectful treatment the Williams sisters afforded by the sports media and sports fans in general. Websites like the Bleacher report which run endless most beautiful women articles and women-of-color are an after-thought. Instead the Richie Cunningham, Ralph malph and Potsie definition of beauty – bean pole dames with giant breast, no brain, no spirit, no will . . . you get the e-mail. The, what appears to be actual desire of mainstream White America to “allow” the infrastructure to crumble, schools, roads, hospital, Bridges, let it all fall into disrepair because good hard working white folks don’t want lazy shiftless niggers and spics to somehow benefit from their labor. That’s the Tea Party, i.e.,GOP position. They are determined to make it funky in America. Let’s flip it, hit it an’ quit it;The treatment of the Black Quarterback in the NFL, tragically arguably the 2nd most visible and enviable leadership pedestal in US Culture – has proven to me, and millions of other Afro-Americans that most , yes most White men are comfortable, well actually embrace the thought that most Black men are nothing more complex then barbarians – a monolithic gang composed of half-beast/half boy thugs – unable to decipher complex NFL defenses, adhere to the team’s, as well as the greater society’s rules and high standards of character as well as mentally/intellectually unfit and incapable of leading men into battle.

We just don’t measure up in White America’s estimation. White sportswriters and fan’s seem to mirror exactly what the militaristic Neanderthal-arm of the nation proclaimed after the civil war, after Blacks had built the foundation of the nation – Black people aren’t up-to par, they can’t carry their weight . . . as Buffalo soldiers saved Pioneers on the plains, as well as saving Teddy Roosevelt and his “Rough Riders” at San Juan Hill, and later Tuskegee airmen gave the Nazi Lu-waffle all they could handle, watched those B-29 fly-boys backs over the sky’s of Berlin . . . It’s defined as blind hate. Millions upon millions of White Americans simply despise Black people and Americans-of-color in general – we’re eternally relegated to 3rd, maybe 4th class status, and despite what White liberals say on MSNBC on behalf of Blacks – that’s just the way it is. I’ve turned 50, I believe I’ve got gal-bladder issues, I may need . . . glasses for the first time. Implants . . . as in teeth are looming on the horizon. I’ve a son I’m immensely proud of. A beautiful daughter, grand baby and a wonderful, wonderful wife . . . yes, even a blind jackass like myself stumbles upon an ripe shinny red apple occasionally – so I’ve got a lot on my mind, and it just seems more n’ more like a waste of my time and effort trying to take folks to the bridge, their minds b-e-y-o-n-d the trees, to the land of the Burning Bush. . . I don’t believe to many genuine, authentic real Americans, self proclaimed patriots desire the US of A Desi does. My ole man, the Gods bless the Soul Brother, preached worker solidarity, workers, everyday people standing as one against the aristocratic powers that be and he advocated “Power to The People “. . . “Black Power” till his last days. I’m a lot like my ol’ man, I don’t know how to be silent. I was born standin’ up n’ talkin’ back. I plan to go out the same. Yet many a day you wonder why you try . . . .