There’s A Lynchmob After Cam Newton . . . .

Updated: October 25, 2012

DENVER, CO. (BASN)—-1960’s Black Power Icon, Black Panther and Soledad Sister Angela Davis, . . she of the giant mushroom-shaped afro offered this thought-up for folks to ponder . . . “Black folks have been persuaded to not talk about race.”

Media appears to be after Cam and Obama because of the color of their skin

Permit me please to argue that sentiment spans across many, if not all facets of “everyday life” in America, so -much-so  . . . I’m blown-the-blank-away at how sports journalist and sportsfans can even pretend to have a legitimate conversation about NFL  Black Signal Callers without mentioning and acknowledging the issue of race has played in the history of the position.

I say this as I watch young Cam Newton pose as a sitting duck for folks to take a pot-shot at . . .

He appears to be able to do nothing, and I do mean not a damn thing which satisfies a very large segment of, and let’s be clear about this please –  White sports writers and fans across the land.

Clearly it’s no secret he was suppose to not be drafted in last year’s NFL draft, based on a vast array of issues; everything from his character, or lack-of . . . to his fathers “uppity” behavior with the NCAA, where the elder Mr. Newton beat them good ol’ fatcats at their own crooked, rigged game.

The inability of the NCAA to brand Cam Newton a “No good nigger,”kick him off the Auburn team along with his feats while there which earned him the Heisman and prompted the NFL’s Carolina Panthers to draft the young man #1 in the draft, which sent men like Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly  into attack-mode where they’ve attempted to paint n’ taint his name n’ reputation.

If they didn’t say it they indisputably implied he was dumb, lazy, conniving, uppity go on down the list used to classify Black folks for the last 400 years . . .

Hey, I just want to play football, grow up and be a man

As we all know, Cam put a size 14 pair-of-cleats up these jealous jock-sniffer’s journalist asses last year – he had these envious-as-hell wanna-bees eatin’ 7 courses of crow, black crow, choking on it . . . and ever since then there’s been a lynch mob at his heels, waiting to twist n’ contort anything he says or does into something they can use against him, to show the truth about this “boy.”

Newton merely wants to win, he’s competitive and of course he’s “overly competitive. He takes losing to heart and they question his emotional control, while if he didn’t  he’d be VY and be depicted as not giving a damn.

Warren Moon is trying to make the identical point, Moon,whose career illustrates, in stark 1979 Black n’ White what pivotal role race played within sports; He got screwed by a league, the NFL, and a sportsnation of fans and journalist across the US –  who allowed Moon to be shortchanged. Most White writers wouldn’t pick up a fountain pen to contend the blackballing of a Black baller back then, and you know what, few will today confess a racist mentality very  similar to  then exist now.

It Was so quiet back then . . . you could hear a rat piss-on cotton, while today, when it comes to the identical issue; the hypocritical and duplicitous standards for which the Black field General is held to still . . . you today can hear a weasel piss-on silk.

Have the sports fan or the political junkie tell-it . . . Cam Newton, as is President Obama, a Black hearted bastard not fit to lead men . . . these obviously bias, over-the-top assessments of both men saturate the airwaves and cyberspace – there’s no hiding the bitterly scathing; caustic racist vitriol which is as visible as a 50 foot cross burning on what the local’s call Lookout Mountain  . . ..

I’d like to ask guys like Mike Silver and Jason Cole how any conversation can be had without, not merely mentioning race, but rather focusing-in on it?

The same, identical racist observations which were leveled at the Black field generals in 1945, 55, 65, 75, 85, or 1995 . . . are still not simply uttered today, no, instead with-in the racially volatile America we dwell in – they’re shouted all over ESPN, AOL, ABC, CBS, NBC, name the acronym and their messages boards, if they have them appear to be peppered if not littered-with Rednecks  vile n’ disgusting observations.

That’s because this sports-nation, the ol’ US of A . . .  is overpopulated with racist, vile and quit disgusting people.

White sports writers write as if they don’t know their fathers, frat-brothers an almost all the guys down at the warehouse or office  . . . hate Black people.

No instead it’s as if Cam, Vick, Josh Freeman, any and all Black Quarterbacks are only being subjected to fair and unbiased scrutiny – not being critiqued by folks who  . . .  at the end of the day, in all truthfulness, look-down- upon, doubt and ultimately dislike to, for some, the point of harboring the same blind hatred for Black folks as their parents and grands parents did back in the good ol’ days when life in America, and the games we played were segregated.

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