Since John Elway Supports Romney, Can You Support The Broncos?

Updated: October 4, 2012
Elway went the Wrong way...

DENVER, CO (BASN)—In a perfect sports world, John Elway’s strategic support of Mitt Romney would result in, if nothing else 47% of Bronco fans boycotting the Denver Broncos, choosing to not purchase tickets to their games, regardless if they’re the home-team or visiting.

Furthermore, you’d think sportsfans would not purchase any Peyton Manning #18 jerseys , or for that matter any Denver Bronco paraphernalia which goes to underwrite Elway’s mass-fortune . . . .

In a perfect sportsworld . . . .

Now since we don’t live in anything close to a perfect sports-world, the everyday run-of-the-mill sportsfan is either indifferent, disinterested or ignorant of the “businessmen” they’re underwriting by supporting the Denver Broncos.

Apparently, based on the predictable non-reaction to Elway’s calculated support of Romney – most fans simply don’t grasp the complexity of to what degree they’ve been pimped and exploited by a few fat-cats who’re un-empathic and non-sympathetic to the pitiful plight of the little people.

Here, permit me to elaborate if I may . . . the blue-collar fans, women, of walks-of-American life, virtually all Americans-Of-Color, new immigrants to the US, gray-haired hippies and aging flower children . . . just about any n’ everybody who isn’t a well-off if not wealthy White guy like John Elway, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan or Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, (who has had Rush Limbaugh, yes Rush as a welcomed, invited guest in his million dollar coliseum penthouse) if you’re not a member of their aristocratic country-club . . . then these men are “using” you, utilizing your uniformed financial underwriting of their personal pigskin plantation to further their elitist, racist and sexist agenda . . . .

Please, after the NFL Referees battle with these super-rich union busting punks, can there be any real debate regarding how the NFL owners feel about the fans, the players and the worker-ants who man the parking lots and sell beer during the game? As-far-as these Wall Street pimps are concerned – we’re all little more than useful idiots in their bid to make millions.

And have no doubts about it – that is their agenda, to eradicate organized labor, erase worker solidarity in-order to increase their ever-increasing profit streams, as is it the hopes to return women to their “1956” status of being just-slightly more than a whore in the bedroom, a maid in the kitchen. Barefoot, with baby and having no education . . . that’s how the real men on the Right like “their” women. Nor is there any question the “Right” in the US yearns for the good ol days when segregation and the exclusion of Blacks and to a lesser extent Latinos was merely a way of life in the US.

The GOP has a nationwide reputation, no, a worldwide reputation as being the political homeland of people who defend police brutality, hide behind some Utopian notion of spreading democracy . . . in-order to expand the American Empire’s ever-expanding marketplace and paternal presence around the globe, to rationalize incidents like the shooting of Trayvon Martin, to define welfare as a Black woman with 7 babies by 9 different imprisoned men, and long to be able to go door-to-door dragging old Mexican grandmothers and young girls off-to awaiting Greyhound buses headed to Tijuana.

Yes, Main to Spain, Alaska to Nebraska, Fargo to Key Largo, LA to Bombay – the Republican TEA party has a reputation as a conservative bastion of White-male contempt, malice, if not outright blind- hatred towards everybody who ain’t rich, male, straight and practicing cutthroat capitalism.

Had John Elway not amassed fame n’ fortune performing in the NFL, who’d care who he supported for President of these allegedly United States Of America, but he did, and he did it via the Broncos – which is a private business operation which is directly and indirectly funded by unwilling taxpayers who underwrite the actual stadiums – on to willing fanatical fans who willingly give hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to the business in the form of Bronco underwear keychains and caps.

John Elway made the Hall Of fame player he became, nevertheless the fans created an legend . . . and that legend just betrayed and insulted the vast overwhelming majority of football fans by aligning himself with a man, Mitt Romney, who represents a fraternity of detached elitist, sexist and racist fat-cats all across the land.

Pathetically Elway didn’t have the authentic frontier gumption to even speak the Presidents name, nor expand-upon rhyme, reason n’ rational which prompted him to stand with a candidate who revels in firing worker bees, shiping breadwinner jobs overseas in order to inflate the already fat wallets of the “Investor Class” while declaring he could care less about the 47% of the US population which is little more than lazy, unmotivated bums.

How does John Elway feel about the 47% Mitt damned to mediocrity ?

Do both Elway and Bowlen believe almost half their fans are bums?

How, and why should everyday fans, who work hard, some from can’t see to can’t see, making $32’000 a year, with no savings in the bank, a home underwater and a son off in the a Arabian desert fighting for . . . only the KOCH brothers know what – give their moolah to a aging gridiron gladiator who fights side-by-side with a man who represents a sliver of the American population which regards the unwashed masses as bums?


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